How Do You Foster Teamwork with a Work-From-Home Setup?

Posted by Maria Katrina dela Cruz
Jun 18, 2020
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Remote work is now the new norm after the pandemic outbreak. Now more than ever, managers and team leaders are actively promoting teamwork at home for better engagement and productivity for their groups.

Business leader promoting teamwork at home

The pandemic prompted companies to shift from on-site operations to work-from-home arrangements, continuing their business through a virtual workforce. While employees are finding ways to adjust to the new scheme, C-Level executives are faced with a new host of challenges as well. Most essentially, both parties are finding new ways to make the paradigm shift work in their favor. 

Interaction is a big challenge when it comes to remote work. The normalcy we had before the COVID-19 pandemic included regular personal communication with our colleagues. However, given the current circumstances, physical interaction is kept at a minimum. How do you lead a team that you don’t meet face-to-face?


Promoting Teamwork at Home 

Setting Up Your Workspace

Allocate a spot at home where you can work with far fewer distractions. Make sure your workspace is always clean and clutter-free. This way, you can accomplish your daily tasks faster while feeling more relaxed. 

Having the right tools and devices is crucial for an effective work-from-home experience. Provide your subordinates with all necessary hardware and peripherals to make sure they get their regular workload done. Once you are done equipping them, you now have the peace of mind that all of you can perform efficiently. 


Sharing Regular Updates 

Communicating with your colleagues plays a vital part in telecommuting. Create a workaround with your team to check how you are all doing with work. Corporate team building is still cultivated through virtual check-ins. Do you have any concerns regarding your tasks? Bring them up. Questions about your working arrangement? Go ask your manager. These little interactions build a certain sense of normality around our virtual environment. 

If you’re used to having regular weekly updates, why not revamp them into virtual conferences? Use a video conferencing software to hold the same meeting and do catch-ups. Through these little ways, you kickstart productivity for everyone.


Realigning  Goals 

One common mistake of managers and team leaders is carrying the same expectation from on-site reporting to a remote work setup. As leaders, managing expectations becomes an important part of the virtual paradigm shift because productivity can no longer be gauged through the hours spent in the office. 

Create new metrics for success and share them with your employees. This work-from-home setup teaches us to embrace innovation and change, and focus on the accomplishments of the workforce. Check what is being done rather than what is not being finished.


Improving Internal Communications 

Practice transparent communication with your remote employees. Keeping your people engaged with the company activities increases productivity, that’s why it would be best to put more effort into employee relations and engagement affairs.

Maximize your internal communications and social media by launching activities for your employees. This is another way to maintain a work-life balance in your company as well.


Providing Steady Support 

The pandemic swept a big mess of negative emotions and a sense of loneliness to many. As employers, it is highly encouraged that you provide emotional and steady support to your team through this tough situation. Make your mornings calm and upbeat with ice-breakers, motivational words, and the like. 

Make yourself more available for your subordinates during remote work. Your people may raise concerns more often, so make sure to be reachable at all times.

In addition, encourage your team to take self-care measures such as getting exercise, taking short walks, having breaks once in a while and the others. The stress of this unfamiliar situation can be challenging for some and make it hard for them to adapt sooner. 

As a leader, advocating teamwork at home is your stepping stone to a productive virtual working environment. Once you get the dynamics of remote work setup, it will be easier to perform and accomplish your tasks individually and as a group.

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