The Benefits of Allowing Your Accounting Team to Work from Home

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez
May 21, 2020
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Telecommuting or work from home arrangements was once a debatable idea among employers. Today, having a majority of your employees working from home is part of the ‘new normal’. In order to address your reservations, here are the benefits of allowing your accounting team to work from home.

accountant working from home

1. Less time spent on commuting means more time for quality work

One of the best benefits of telecommuting for your employees is that they save time and energy going to and from your office. This means that once they begin their work from the safety of their homes, they are more relaxed, focused, and ready to handle their tasks.


2. Your productivity might increase

A study conducted by Stanford University is often cited by the proponents of telecommuting. According to the study, work-from-home arrangements increase firm productivity by 13%. This is brought by the increased employee output and a greater number of labor minutes per day.

Compared to the typical office setup, employees are less likely to spend time in redundant meetings with the help of project management tools. While your employees might work in different time zones, project management tools help in providing each team member with the latest updates, keeping them informed and in sync with their teammates.


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3. You get access to talents anywhere in the world.

Since most of (if not all) of your business processes are done through cloud accounting software, it does not matter where your employees are as long as they have secure internet access. In turn, work-from-home arrangements widens your talent pool, giving you the advantage of hiring people that match your qualifications regardless of where they are in the world.


4. You save from office supplies and snacks

One of the added benefits of using cloud accounting software is that you spend less on office papers and inks. Telecommuting takes this further since you won’t have to spend on other office supplies anymore.


5. Your employees are safer, happier, and less likely to quit

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people who spend more time outside their homes face greater risks of contracting the disease. Staying at home is an effective measure in protecting ourselves from the virus, as well as a myriad of other infectious diseases. Work from home arrangements will provide them with this additional layer of security.

Furthermore, employees also have more control over their time and working environment, allowing them to be flexible with regard to their other activities. This keeps them fulfilled and motivated to do more. Happy and fulfilled employees are less likely to quit.


Work from home arrangement easily became the ‘new normal’ for businesses around the world. This rapid change forced a lot of business owners to adapt in spite of their reservations. We hope these points about the benefits of working from home provide you with the assurance that you need.

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