Understanding Part-time CFO Outsourcing Services

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Sep 26, 2014 8:48:00 AM

DV_CFO_COnsultingA quick look at a recent Small Business Administration (SBA) report gives you a clearer grasp of the real state of small businesses in the US. According to the study, only half of new businesses are surviving in their first five years in the industry. And the numbers deplete further as the years go by.

The complexities of running and managing your own enterprise cannot be emphasized enough.
This is especially the case if you consider how hard it is to juggle between the oversight of your core business activities and looking after your critical business numbers. The good news is, you are not entirely helpless on the matter. By seeking the services of a virtual CFO, you can keep a close eye on your books without letting your business operations slide.

But what exactly, does a virtual CFO do? Read on to find out what you can expect from these professionals:

Financial oversight

Financial oversight refers to the overall supervision and control of your company’s financial transactions. Aside from the implementation of internal finance and accounting policies, this process also includes creating and interpreting financial statements. It goes without saying that seeking CFO consulting services to focus on your cash flow will help ensure the stability of your business finances.


Creating a budget and ensuring that your financial resources are being put to good use are basic tasks that a business owner may easily see through. But with a growing business and a more complex set of books, keeping a close eye on your business capital could be a challenge. CFO consulting services can help ensure that your expenditures are strategically planned and strictly implemented.

Cash management

Cash management is not just about the wise and practical use of your money. More than anything else, it also covers assessment of market liquidity and corporate investments. A virtual CFO who has an extensive knowledge about asset and investment strategies provide indispensable help for growing your wealth and fostering the financial security of your business.


Adhering to your civil obligations requires an in-depth understanding of compliance regulations with banks and lending institutions as well as the taxation laws mandated by the state that your business operates in. The easiest way to keep out of trouble is to make sure that you have a virtual CFO to take charge of your compliance requirements.

Debt collection and financing

Does your business have a set of strategies to improve the outcomes of your debt collection initiatives? How about financing options – do you have access to professional financing advice? These functions could be a little too taxing for business owners. Fortunately, you can make things a lot easier by having a virtual CFO to get these tasks out of the way.

CFO consulting services can help free up your time, giving you the opportunity to focus more on your business. Don’t you think that is something worth vying for?

If you’re interested in virtual CFO services, click here (http://www.dvphilippines.com/contact-us) to get in touch with our qualified advisers.

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