Business Guide: Choosing the Right SME Accounting Software

Posted by Maria Katrina dela Cruz
Jul 24, 2019
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Having a sound accounting system is the best pillar any business can be founded on. Practicing good financial housekeeping and utilizing the best tools can help your company grow towards stability. 

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As a business owner, allocating money to the best resources is on the top of your list. And with the increasing demands of the accounting industry, it is best to invest in applications that can automate your accounting process, helping you make time for more value adding work. Choosing an accounting software for your small business needs is challenging, but once you land with the right program, your daily bookkeeping process can roll smoothly. 

Here are three smart tips in selecting your small business’ accounting software:

1) Cost of Access

Budget is a key factor in considering what accounting software to purchase. As a small business owner, you may want to start with off-the-shelf software to cover your basic accounting needs, as they are the affordable ones and sold at a lower price. 

However, if you see your business growing, it is important to get the accounting software that you can start with cheap, but can also scale when needed. In this situation, you can choose a vertical software to focus on industry specific processes. These programs offer advanced features for web-based small business accounting, where the costs can go higher. 

Subscriptions to an accounting software are usually in forms of multiple plans. Discount rates are more often available in annual settlement than monthly payments. 


2) Software Ease-of-Use

Usability is another way to select the best accounting software for small businesses. Figuring out its easiness and calibrating its capabilities are important for a more efficient user experience. 

Multi-user Access

Collaboration allows users to simultaneously edit numbers and oversee their data. Having a multi-user access in your accounting software allows you to invite others and share data without the hassle. 

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Handling multiple businesses is a call for more management support. In this situation, it is ideal to have an accounting software that allows one account to have several small businesses under it, without any hidden fees or additional expenses. 


Cloud-Based Software and Mobile Access

With the recent innovations in the accounting industry, cloud-based software are now available, allowing users to access their account even when they’re on the go. Most accounting systems promote remote management so business owners can run their business even outside the office. 

Keep track of your finances with a mobile accounting app to help you accomplish important tasks with convenience. 


3) Variety of Features

In choosing the perfect accounting software, you should look for a program that best meets your needs and is within your financial capability. Moreover, it should promote a shorter workaround time for your accounting tasks to help you accomplish other management responsibilities. 

Here are some of the features accounting software should have to further keep your number on track:

Time-saving Automation

Accounting applications now automate basic accounting tasks such as sending of invoices and past-due notifications to spare you time on your receivables. Some software do transaction matches to help in reconciling your accounts, while others convert quotations or estimates into invoices in a matter of clicks. Overall, it is important that your accounting software can lift recurring tasks off of you and your team to help you manage your finances better and more accurate. 

business-guide-choosing-the-right-sme-accounting-softwareTax Preparation

Having an accounting software comes in handy, especially now that the tax season is just around the corner. Get an accounting program that gives the best tax support and offers automatic tax calculations, multiple tax rates and tax reporting. Confidently file your taxes with ease with the help of the right application. 

Add-on Services

Some small business accounting software offer special features which comes in handy as your business grows through the years. They help you to do more through their add-ons, such as acceptance of invoice payments online and payroll services for your employees. Though availing special features can tick your costs higher, it can bring convenience into your overall accounting process. 


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