4 Signs that Your Business Needs Multi-currency Customer Invoices

Posted by Angelica Garcia
Dec 25, 2014
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Having various transactions with international companies would imply trading in various currencies. Such trends include purchasing or selling goods in one currency, then receiving or paying for the goods in another. 

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As you deal with customers and suppliers in this scenario, multi-currency customer invoicing simplifies the billing process by automatically converting currency values based on the prevailing exchange rates. This ensures that both you and your customers are on the same page when it comes to payment amounts and avoids any confusion or errors. 

If you are seriously considering the possibility of dipping a toe into multi-currency business transactions, you need to decide now if it's really a 'yes' or a 'no'.  


Signs that Your Business Needs Multi-Currency Customer Invoices 

Here are some signs that your enterprise should indeed give multi-currency transactions a go. 


1. Dealing with offshore suppliers

Having that comparative advantage is the most common reason why companies import materials from offshore suppliers; you get to enjoy benefits such as cheaper production costs, lower labor costs, and lower tax schemes – and those considerably cut costs and boosts profit margins. 


2. Entering the multinational market

Once a company deems that it is stable and expanding, deciding to venture out to foreign markets could be one of the appealing options on where to go next. While it is a common thought that a company may just want to spend their profits on more lucrative opportunities, another way to look at it is that it could be more efficient and profitable to develop their products in foreign subsidiaries, or partner with foreign firms that specializes in certain parts of production. 


3. Expanding operations

There is also this very exciting aspect of business: expansion. Being a player in the multinational market could mean: 


1) a merger or a direct acquisition of existing companies, 

2) establishing or acquiring certain operations, and  

3) setting up back offices in other countries – and all these mean profitability. 


4. Trading opportunities abroad

Companies may opt to directly sell their goods and services to foreign markets for reasons that the local market is already saturated, or they have found a lucrative opportunity abroad because of the uniqueness or superiority of their products and services. Another motivation could be the belief that having investments overseas would bring higher returns added to their local returns. 

In a nutshell, it's easy to see how potentially profitable it is for your business. Then again, it's also an extremely tedious accounting process. Your business finances are difficult and challenging enough, so imagine how much more complex it can be when multiple currencies are involved. 


Benefits of Multi-Currency Invoicing 

Fortunately, accounting platforms are now offering multi-currency features. Using accounting software with multi-currency invoicing feature will allow you to complete all the necessary multi-currency calculations with just a few clicks, ensuring accurate accounting and automatically adjusting your accounts accordingly. 


Now let’s see more of the numerous benefits of using accounting software with integrated multi-currency invoicing: 


1. Accurate and Streamlined Records 

 Maintaining error-free accounting records is crucial for any business. As such, with multi-currency invoicing, you can ensure accurate financial reporting that saves you time and reduces the risk of mistakes, especially during tax season. 


2. Faster Transactions  

They say time is money, and transaction processing delays can be a bit of a headache plus we all know how slow cross-border can be, especially when dealing with international clients and suppliers. With such software, in place, you can be at ease knowing that each transaction is accurately converted, and you can access your account online anywhere. 

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3. Easy and Convenient  

Let's face it, managing invoices in different currencies can be a bit of a nightmare. It's easy to get confused or make mistakes. Hence, to make the process even smoother, consider using accounting software with multi-currency capabilities. Such tools will greatly benefit your company from any potential headache. 


4. Lower Transaction Costs 

When dealing with international clients and suppliers, traditional currency exchange methods can often incur substantial fees.  

By utilizing multi-currency invoicing, you can eliminate these fees, especially if the invoice of your clients and suppliers is in their local currency, thereby eliminating extra exchange rate charges, and allowing you to offer competitive pricing while still maintaining healthy profit margins. 


To put it into perspective, let's consider a hypothetical scenario. Without multi-currency invoicing, your accounting firm might incur an average of 3% in currency conversion fees per transaction. With an increasing number of international clients, these fees can accumulate significantly over time. Hence, implementing multi-currency invoicing can indeed save a substantial amount on transaction costs, ultimately boosting your firm's bottom line. 


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