Helpful and Smart Tips in Surviving the Audit Season

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez
Jun 21, 2018
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auditing seasonThe audit seasons are the most frantic time for audit professionals. The sheer number of work can cast doubt even among seasoned audit solutions professionals. Almost every auditor risks losing their regular and comfortable schedules as they work with one or more audit clients. Rushing deadlines, late nights in the office, and the seemingly never-ending working hours, even on weekends can throw everyone off-balance.

Here are some helpful and smart tips to help you survive the coming audit season:

1. Get Enough Sleep

In this day and age of fast and seamless communication, it is easy for everyone to forget the importance of sleep. In fact, busy people, not just auditors, have underestimated sleep as a necessary part of the human routine. What we often overlook is the impact of not having enough sleep in our work.

According to, getting the right amount of sleep is not just good for your overall health. Getting a good night’s rest will help you de-stress faster, keeping you away from distractions and on-the-job burnout. Sleep will also help you improve your decision-making skills and help you make better decisions.


2. Create a Strategic Plan

This does not only pertain to your work plan or your audit planning. A strategic plan is comprehensive and forward-thinking. It is important for you to account for all of your activities. Doing laundry, going out for groceries, working out, and all other miscellaneous activities can easily add up and derail your schedule. Taking all your activities to account and leaving time for unforeseen adjustments can help you make a more realistic and easier to follow schedule, and help you keep things organized.


3. Know Your Role

When working with other auditors, the first thing you should do is to define the role of every member of your team. Clearly defining roles will help prevent overlapping efforts and ensure that your auditing services are working efficiently. Knowing your role does not only entail that you understand what you need to do but also know when you have to coordinate with others and ask for help.


Auditing never comes easy. No client audit is ever the same and each audit presents a different challenge for audit professionals. The busy audit season amplifies these hurdles with deadlines and the pile of work for auditors. Following these tips may help you not just survive the audit season, but also help you deliver more efficiently and successfully.


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