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Seasonal Audit Support

Our auditors are ready to help you in the different audit phases, from the planning phase of the audit to the issuance of the audit report. We have experience in diverse industries, ranging from healthcare to asset management. We are also trained in providing other financial services (i.e., agreed upon and review engagements) to help you serve your clients better.

Looking for help in the upcoming busy season? Read about our Seasonal Audit Support services here.

Internal Audit

Reduce the overhead costs involved in sourcing, hiring, and onboarding your internal audit team by outsourcing your internal audit activities to us. We can help in improving the effectiveness of your risk management, control, and governance processes.

Our audit professionals are experienced in providing internal audit solutions to different clients around the world. They provide better results with their experience, independence, and objectivity.

Process Mining

Through process mining, our business analysts will assist you in finding opportunities for improvement and eliminating unnecessary steps in your business processes. We provide you with tools and techniques for discovering process, control, data, organizational, and social structures based on event logs.

Continuous Audit Support and Continuous Monitoring

We can help you minimize risk and improve your controls by conducting a continuous risk assessment and control assessment.

Designed to complement your annual internal audit, these functions enable you to better understand your processes and identify areas of improvement that may not be apparent during the internal audit. In addition, you can monitor your processes and confirm whether your projected levels of performance and efficiency are met.

Data Analytics

Without the capacity to make sense of the data that your organization collects, you’re just sitting on a gold mine without the right tools of a skilled miner. Let us help you collect and study your data, recommend a database design, and introduce methods and procedures in which you may collect, analyze, and manage data so you can use it more efficiently.

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