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D&V Philippines Outsourcing Inc. does not stop in providing better value to clients. We continuously strive in creating tailor made solutions for your needs and future requirements.

The Audit Support Group is D&V Philippines’ latest offering, providing you with 5 services that are aimed to help you improve your business and give solutions to problems that might have been slowing you down for years. Here are the 5 Audit Support services that you should consider:

Internal Audit 

We can help you improve the effectiveness of your risk management, control and governance processes with our years of experience in providing systematic and disciplined internal audit solutions to our clients around the world.

By outsourcing your Internal Auditing to D&V Philippines, you will be able to save a lot of money compared to hiring, setting up and maintaining a personal Internal Auditing Team. In addition to which, our experts provide much better results with their experience, independence and objectivity.

External Audit Support

In addition to Internal Audit Solutions, D&V Philippines also provides support foryour External Audit.

We can help in the independent examination of the Company's financial statements to be signed by your registered auditors. We can also assist in the preparation of the draft Financial Statements, working paper/schedules and review of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements.

Process Mining

Everyone wants to get things done faster and easier. In business, those who accomplish things better than others are those who succeed and remain on top. If you’re looking for a way to improve your processes, then we recommend you try Process Mining.

Process mining is a process management technique that allows for the analysis of business processes based on event logs. It aims to improve the business process by providing tools and techniques for discovering process, control, data, organizational and social structures based on event logs.

Overall, process mining helps organizations to improve their process model and eliminate unnecessary steps that may contribute to lengthy procedures and additional costs. With the help of our business analysts, your company will be able to identify what to eliminate or what to add to make your process much easier.

Continuous Audit Support and Continuous Monitoring

Always wondered how you can minimize your risk and identify problems before they can affect your company? Do you want to have more control of your company? We have a solution for you.

The Continuous Audit Support, which will help the audit function, aims to further minimize risk and improve your control by conducting a continuous risk assessment and continuous control assessment compared to the effects of an annual internal audit schedule. By having a continuous engagement, the audit committee can have a deeper understanding of the processes and spot areas of improvement that is unseen during a schedule-limited internal audit.

On the other hand, by assisting with Continuous Monitoring, a process owned by management, helps you to unceasingly review how your processes comply with your projected levels of performance and efficiency. This helps you find more ways to improve your operations from time to time.

Conducting either one of the process would ensure that the problems and risks that you may encounter will be identified and addressed as soon as possible, before they become business-impacting.

Data Analytics

Big decisions comes with big pressure, most of which comes from the possible consequences of the things that may happen. Aside from which, there is also a need for you to understand your company and where you want it to go. In order to do these things, you’ll need data, statistics and graphs. However, these things are complicated and require expertise to understand. This is what we call Data Analytics. Data analytics is the process of examining data in order to come up with conclusions and help companies to make better business decisions.

Our experts will carefully collect and study your data to improve your organization; will provide database and management services based on your needs; will make database design recommendations; and recommend methods in which you may collect, analyze and manage data and use it more efficiently.


For businesses seeking to revamp or improve existing audit functions, get in touch with our experts and know more about our Audit Support Group.


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