Five Reasons Why You Should Use QuickBooks Online for Cloud Accounting

Posted by Gillian Vitug

Sep 25, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Considering changing platforms in QuickBooks? Why not give QuickBooks Online (QBO) cloud accounting version a run in managing your bookkeeping and financial reporting?

managing finances using QBO cloud accounting
QuickBooks Desktop is the highest-rated and among the most popular accounting software for small-medium enterprises (SME). It has made a great name for itself for the past few years that came from effectively helping its customers manage their accounting better.

However, the advancement of technology-enabled Intuit to create another variation of their well-beloved product – QuickBooks Online. Here are some reasons why you should consider using QuickBooks’ cloud accounting software over QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The CLOUD Advantage: Access, Security, Collaboration 

QBO runs through a cloud system. This simply means that all of your files are stored on cloud servers, which you can access anytime and anywhere with almost any device—including your mobile phone,  as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Aside from this, working on cloud systems also cuts the need for saving your files on external drives for backup. In addition, cloud servers are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that prevent your files from being corrupted by malwares.

Last but not the least, cloud servers enable better collaboration with your team. Since all files are stored in the cloud, even your team can access them just as how you can access these files. Also, files are effortlessly synced in real-time and can be used simultaneously.

  • More integrations 

When you migrate to QuickBooks Online, applications can easily be linked and used with the cloud accounting software. These apps can further enhance your QuickBooks experience by providing you with tax calculations, financial analysis, streamline reports, CRM and even widely used systems. 

QBO integrations include Amazon Business, PayPal, Square, Shopify, Fathom, and Method, among others. 

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  • Effortless Data Entry 

Once connected to your bank account(s), QBO downloads your bank transactions automatically! This comes free, compared to the bank fees you still have to settle if you use QuickBooks Desktop. In addition, transactions are also categorized automatically so you can easily track your income and your expenses.

  • Continuous Support 

Since QBO runs through Intuit’s cloud servers, there’s no need to hire an IT specialist to set-up and maintain your own accounting server. Aside from which, you get free phone support from QBO that costs 89 USD for 90 days on QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Being updated on the latest features 

As QBO is maintained by Intuit themselves, you are sure that you are using the latest products and features of QuickBooks Online. You can now say goodbye to the 299 USD annual upgrade fee.

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These are just five of the many reasons why you should consider using QuickBooks Online cloud accounting. If you want to make the shift, you should know what is the best cloud accounting your small business needs to meet your accounting requirements. 

Ready to convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online? D&V Philippines have QBO experts onboard to help you manage your finances better. You can download our latest whitepaper Investing for the Future: Adopting Cloud Accounting for Your Small Business to know the wonders cloud accounting can bring to your firm or talk with our QuickBooks accountants today.

This post was first published 25 September 2015  and edited 05 May 2021.
Edited by: Maria Katrina dela Cruz

Topics: Accounting Technology, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

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