Audit Survival: Habits to Help You Survive the Audit Busy Season

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez
Aug 24, 2018
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audit professional in audit busy seasonThe audit season is coming in fast. Your audit managers are now setting up their plans to prepare the entire firm for the days ahead. As an audit professional, it is also part of your job to make your own preparations. Here are some things you should include in your to-do list to help you succeed in the audit busy season.

Take care of your well-being

Once the papers and figures come at your desk, you can expect extended hours working in the office. This means that you might get less time for sleep, exercise, or even a healthy meal. While you cannot reap the benefits of your health and fitness activities in advance, you can get your body to top-shape in preparation of the tremendous workload ahead.

Getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per day and maintaining a balanced diet are just some of the habits that can get you started. Meanwhile, it is also important to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day to help get your body in shape. Ultimately, having a healthy mind and body will improve your focus, give you more energy, and increase your productivity altogether.

Fix your calendar and plan for the days ahead

One of the most important activities to help you prepare for the season is working on your calendar. While it is hard to predict how your work schedule will turn out, your routine activities can easily be planned ahead. Doing laundry, buying groceries, grooming your pet, and house cleaning are just some of the activities you can plot in your calendar and even do ahead of your usual schedule.

Taking time to accomplish these tasks ahead of the audit busy season will give you more time to rest during the height of your work, catch up with your family and friends, and focus on more important things.

technology trends in businessKeep up with auditing trends and techniques

Audit is a an ever-changing discipline due to the latest trends in technology and in the business landscape. As companies adapt to these developments, it is necessary for auditors to catch up and familiarize themselves with these trends to obtain the proper background in executing their audit tasks.

Some of the topics you might want to study are cybersecurity and the impact of the GDPR, the adaptation of artificial intelligence in business processes, and the future of blockchain in finance and accounting.

Sharpen your soft skills

While it is important to keep up with the audit trends and sharpen your technological skills, it is also equally important for professionals to improve on their soft skills, especially those that will help you succeed in your audit tasks. Soft skills will help you work around other people, establish professional relationships, and conduct interviews and other data-gathering efforts efficiently.

These are just some points to get you started in preparing for the audit season. You should also check what other habits you can improve and work on them as early as now. With the right preparations, habits, and outlook, the audit season can be transformed from an auditor’s feared season to an amazing learning experience.

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