Why Hire Outsourced CFO Services For Your Company?

Posted by Maria Katrina dela Cruz

Jan 21, 2020 7:47:00 AM

In a thriving business economy, firms can greatly benefit from the financial expertise of a chief financial officer (CFO). Outsourced CFO services can spell your business a very successful year ahead.

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From small businesses to corporations, building a stable financial powerhouse is a sturdy foundation towards success. At a glance, CFOs provide an overarching perspective of the company’s finances. However, their responsibilities extend more than controlling cash flow and projecting potential risks. 


Why Hire A CFO?

Alongside the Chief  Executive Officers (CEO), CFOs are among the key leaders in a business’ growing operations. They pilot the firm’s financial direction and analyze how every decision can affect your growth in the coming years.

CFOs are always on the look for ways to adapt to modernization. As artificial intelligence, robotic accounting and innovation are at its peak, it is an advantage to embrace these technological  advancements and implement them in your work process.

Aside from these tasks, the challenge of deploying strategies  also falls under their responsibilities. Because they work in conjunction with the CEO, they know how to navigate around the business efficiently. Their perspectives provide certainties 

The job description of a company CFO remains intensive but has evolved to include more functions over time, which makes them an invaluable asset for any growing business.


Why hire outsourced CFOWhy Hire An Outsourced CFO? 

Here are the top benefits of outsourced CFO services:


  • Outsourced CFOs Are Cost Savers

As a startup, you most likely don’t have a feasible budget for hiring a full-time CFO. You can depend on a few accountants and accounting software for your number crunching as you focus on your operations. But should you want someone to stay on top of your financial requirements, then it’s time to consider outsourcing.

An outsourced CFO can spare you from overhead expenses of recruitment, onboarding and training. You can meet them in a flexible working arrangement, which crosses out the troubles of monthly income, 13th month pays, benefits and employee contributions and deductions. You can get access to topnotch services without cutting too much from your bottom line.


  •  Outsourced CFOs Have Wider Skill Sets

Given that outsourced CFOs work from company to company, their experiences gain a more extensive scope over time. Since it’s in the nature of their work to be up-to-date, you can ensure that their solutions are based on the latest industry trends. Financial situations in every business calls for a different type of approach which stretches a CFO’s expertise. 

They strategize at different point of views and provide significant insights to increase growth opportunities in the company. When you are too invested in your firm, you tend to see it as a flawless entity. But with a new set of eyes to assess your business functions, you have a working list of what needs to be improved. 


  • Outsourced CFOs Are Easy To Scale

Hiring an outsourced finance officer also depends on a corporation’s needs. If you find your business is the lull seasons of a fiscal year, you can opt to use them less. In need of a regular CFO to maintain your finances? It’s easy to make them full-time. It gives you a simpler means of scaling back than hiring and rehiring a permanent employee. 

In addition, outsourced CFO consulting services have the same convenience as full-time ones. One quick phone call gives an easy handle on business matters even when they’re not around the office premises. 


  • Outsourced CFOs Have Wider Networks

Outsourced CFOs come with a pocketful of contacts and affiliations ranging from clients up to banks and financial organizations. Given that their work entails a lot of relationship building, it would be a great asset to have your established network of people especially when growing a startup. 

If your company is experiencing irregular cash flow, these outside relationships can give you better chances of raising your working capital and staying afloat during difficult seasons. These connections administer banking arrangements and can provide enough funds for your organization.

Outsourcing engagements work through CFOs who have a wide network in various industries. Such affiliations and broad pool of resources help businesses to engage new clients and reach new markets. 


There are a myriad of finance and accounting outsourcing firms everywhere. However, make sure to find the one that does not only fit the job, but can also work harmoniously with you as a business owner. Both your chosen CFO and CEO should work smoothly and be able to fill in between their gaps in order to accomplish your firm’s goals.


Why Choose D&V Philippines?

As an experienced accounting outsourcing company, we offer a competitive suite of outsourced CFO services. Let us handle your financial needs and provide you with valuable strategies to foster growth. 

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