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Payroll Management: The Basics of Calculating Payroll

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez

Aug 25, 2016 12:30:00 PM

  Before you calculate for the payroll of hundreds of employees, you need to make sure that you know what you are doing. Mistakes will only add to your burden,  so devote time to learning the process beforehand and being careful. Australian law dictates many of the details of how one employee is paid and how their pay is calculated. Below you may find a short guide on the process of calculating payroll.

Payroll Management: How to Prevent Payroll Fraud in Your Company

Posted by Gillian Vitug

Aug 23, 2016 12:30:00 PM

  Even with the emergence of payroll technologies during these modern times, payroll fraud is still evident across businesses worldwide. From those scandalous payroll fraud cases of large companies that we see in the news, to those smaller instances that go undetected, it just goes to show that employees can intervene and deceive payroll processes in any scenario. What can you do to prevent it? First, let’s identify the most common types of payroll fraud.

5 Burdens Lifted Off your Back by Outsourcing Payroll

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez

Aug 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM

  According to the Health & Safety Executive of the United Kingdom: “The main work factors causing work-related stress, depression or anxiety were workload pressures. These included tight deadlines, too much responsibility, and a lack of support.” Stress can have harmful effects on your health, especially if it’s something you feel on a daily basis. There is a way to relieve some of that stress, though, and that is by permanently removing one item from your to-do list: payroll management.

5 Red Flags That Mean It’s Time to Adopt Payroll Software Now

Posted by Gillian Vitug

Aug 16, 2016 12:30:00 PM

  All businesses want to succeed in every aspect. However, not all are willing to invest in highly-efficient technologies such as online payroll software, with hesitation on the investment involved. If you’ve been experiencing any of these red flags in your business now, then maybe it’s about time you consider adopting payroll technology not only to stop and prevent these, but also to improve your payroll system and overall operational efficiency.

The Restrictions of Payroll Software

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez

Aug 11, 2016 12:30:00 PM

  Payroll software programs are widely used across many fields, from business to medicine. While these systems may make the entire payroll process seamless and efficient, they also have limitations that you need to be aware of. Here are a few of them:

CFO’s Guide to Payroll Management: 3 Key Factors for the Best Solution

Posted by Gillian Vitug

Aug 9, 2016 1:28:41 PM

When having in-house staff to manage payroll is out of the question, there are a lot of payroll service providers out there ready to take on this critical task, fully or partially. However, not all payroll companies are created equal as some may only offer “cookie-cutter” solutions which could be great for cutting costs but isn’t really the most optimal choice for businesses. A customisable payroll solution is the best option so that you can prioritise the things that matter most to your organisation and optimise the way you pay your workforce. Here are the key factors that you should take into consideration when choosing that payroll solution:

Make your accounting process smarter.

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