Integrating Cloud Accounting Tools into your Smartphone

Posted by D&V Accounting Services
Aug 18, 2014

DV_Cloud_for_SmartphonesHave you ever experienced being so swamped with work that you don’t know which task to prioritize? Practically all business owners feel that way. Fortunately, the right tools can help you cope. You can start by using cloud technology – even when you’re out of the office.


Say, you need to send an invoice to one of your customers or you want to check on your business cash-flow while on a business trip. A few clicks on your smartphone can help you do all of that.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Download online accounting tools on your smartphone
  • Install it in your device
  • Enter your login details to access your records


Before patronizing any cloud accounting tool, you have to understand the benefits of using cloud technology on your smartphone. Here’s a basic rundown:

1. Access your financial records in real time

Even when you’re out on a business trip, you can check your cash-flow by simply logging in to your cloud accounting tool through your smartphone. This way, you can keep a close eye on your business finances by accessing your bank statements and business profit.

2. Create and send invoices in a snap

When you have important transactions with clients and you can’t afford to delay sending the invoice, you can rely on your mobile device to give you a hand. This prevents the hassles of forgetting to send an invoice.

3. Collaborate easily with your accountant

By installing your choice of cloud accounting tool in your mobile phone, you can easily access your records and talk to your accountants about your financial concerns. Some tools even offer messaging features to ease up the process of collaboration.

4. Issue foreign currency checks to suppliers

There are a lot of business owners nowadays who transact with foreign suppliers and customers. If you are one of them, here’s some good news: most cloud accounting tools offer multi-currency features that enable you to send and receive payments seamlessly through the cloud.  

5. Integrate with other applications

Xero cloud accounting has an open API feature which allows the easy integration of other apps into the software. These apps include inventory and sales, among others. There are also tools like QuickBooks that do not have an open API feature but has built-in apps that are readily available.


Now more than ever, smartphones have an even greater value because they can be integrated with tools that increase the efficiency of your business.


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