How to Select the Best Financial Accounting Outsourcing Services

Posted by Maria Katrina dela Cruz
Dec 17, 2019
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Financial accounting outsourcing services takes crucial tasks off your hands and opens improvement opportunities for your team. But with the changing business demands, how do you make this happen?

CFOs discussing financial accounting outsourcing services

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In this day and age, our processes are at the peak of evolving drastically. Because of outsourcing, we are now innovatively transforming the way we do our operations. Even with less face-to-face interaction, having an offshore team gives you bigger chances of optimizing your productivity without the trouble of hiring more talents onboard and the costs associated with it. 


Choosing the Right Accounting Partner

Looking for the ideal accounting partner can be challenging, but once you select the right firm, everything else follows. But how do you make that decision? Here are some guidelines to follow:


Know Your Options

Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services provides you with a more flexible working approach. To make sure that you get the most out of your outsourcing engagement, make a thorough research about the accounting firms that you can work with. Get to know their client portfolio, and if they have worked for companies under the same industry as yours. 

Find out if their finance and accounting (F&A) expertise can fit your business needs. Learn their workflow, their everyday operations, or how they keep up with the disruptions and innovations in the industry. 


Learn their Integrations

As technology disrupts the F&A industry, you must find an accounting firm that uses top-of-the-line accounting software and offers automated solutions for your basic bookkeeping tasks. 

Choose a team that knows how to navigate cloud-based programs such as Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and others. If you have your own accounting software, it would be an advantage if you can train your people to use it so streamlining your operations would be easier. 

Aside from these cloud accounting programs, ask your team about third-party applications they use. Know what third-party applications best complement their accounting tasks and helps them achieve optimum productivity. 


Guarantee their Compliance

Another thing to look for in an accounting partner is their agility in keeping up with the changes that innovation brings to the table. Accounting giants are always on the lookout for technological transformation to maintain their A-game. Being updated with the latest trends sets your bar higher against your competitors and gives you a credible reputation as an F&A outsourcing partner. 

Keeping your business compliant is also important. Make sure your team knows the basic tax compliance you and your clients use. If regulations and accounting rules ever change, your outsourced accounting partner should be flexible enough to cope and implement the necessary changes  in your system accordingly. 


Outsourced accounting solutions efficiently caters to your need for an extended team to handle your finances. It brings progress and growth to your business, aside from giving you a hand in your everyday operations.

Let D&V Philippines help you. Through our financial accounting outsourcing services, you can stay on top of your core accounting operations. We can help you reap the benefits of outsourcing in no time. Read our guide  Solutions for CFOs and discover how we can assist you in establishing a strong business financial position.

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