Finding the Best Cloud Based Payroll Management for your Firm

Posted by Maria Katrina dela Cruz
Nov 29, 2019
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If your company is looking for an outsourced payroll service provider, you might want to consider the ones that use a cloud-based payroll management. There are many payroll companies to choose from, but it would be best to pick the one who fits the bill.

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With your staff’s expertise and the efficiency a cloud-based system offers, your payroll operations can go smoothly. However, how do you know which payroll service provider can best deliver your business needs? What should you look for in a cloud-based payroll system?


What to Keep an Eye Out For


  • Ease of Use

With a modern user interface, cloud services allow you to have a seamless experience in using the program. Consider using an intuitive cloud software that allows easy navigation even for first-timers. A user-friendly interface is easy to calibrate and efficient to use. 


  • Third-party Integrations 

Managing payroll for small business is tricky; that’s why having other solutions onboard is a practical way to make sure your process will go smoothly. Choose a cloud payroll platform that offers a variety of integrations such as time and attendance systems and human resources features. Third-party applications can help you track employee related data faster and precisely. 


  • Cost of Software 

Chief financial officers are always on the lookout for affordable solutions. When choosing cloud-based payroll systems, you should consider which ones offer budget-friendly packages. Find a payroll service suite that best provides the feature you need at an affordable price. Cloud payroll service providers provide monthly packages, but discounts are most available for annual subscriptions.


Why Switch to Cloud-Based Payroll Management?


  • It Minimizes Miscalculations 

Manual data entry increases the chances of committing human errors. Most of the time, these errors stem from incorrect time hours, lost time records, missed clock-outs, and failure to track overtime work. With these inaccurate data, your payroll team may end up with inaccurate wages, and tax deductions.


  • Cloud Payroll is Scalable 

Unlike the cloud software, on-premise systems do not offer any upgrades or advanced solutions. Cloud-based payroll programs offer a variety of features which makes them highly scalable especially for growing businesses. They promote growth through their upgrading their services depending on your needs. So whether you’re a startup or an established firm, selecting the right cloud-based payroll solution can help you push your business forward.


  • Paperless Environment 

Looking for files in your desk can be time-consuming. Most of the time, having clutter around your working area decreases your productivity and gives you a hard time doing your tasks. 

With a cloud-based payroll software, you can achieve a paperless office space and minimize time spent in searching for lost documents. In addition, it also cuts some costs in your budget because you can remove bulks of papers from your everyday transactions. 


  • Data Security 

Aside from its automated solutions, cloud-based programs protect your employees’ data through its high-profile security. Your data is encrypted and backed up in the cloud, eliminating the risks of data breach and data theft. Employee information is a very important matter; that’s why having a high security for your documents is a must.


Why Not Outsource your Payroll Tasks?

Employee payroll management is an important activity for small businesses to retain their talents onboard. With the right solutions, you can achieve efficiency and accuracy upon working for your employees’ wages and your company’s payables. However, if your team is loaded with more important tasks, why not go for an outsourced payroll service provider to take care of your payroll needs?

Let us lend you a hand. 

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