We Go Beyond Cloud Based Accounting

Posted by D&V Accounting Services

Aug 5, 2014 11:11:00 AM

4 Reasons for Finance and Accounting Outsourcing in 2019

At D&V, we leverage on unparalleled & unique cloud-based structure for our outsourced finance, accounting and administration services.  Seemingly, this has been our core strength, resulting to positive outcomes for our clients through significant cost efficiencies, streamlined business processes and high customer satisfaction.

D&V places emphasis on the integration of systems, implementation of electronic workflows & web-enabled processes, and a comprehensive planning, reporting and data management and analytics.
From on boarding to service delivery, D&V has been able to bring about a consistent and reliable approach for our clients boosted through a comprehensive quality management system.

Eliminate, simplify, standardise and automate

Our distinct approach of ‘Eliminate, Simplify, Standardise and Automate’ enables us to transform a ‘paper’- oriented environment held-up with high manual data entry, a lack of visibility on outstanding liabilities and with a higher risk in supply chain to a stress-free and paperless setting.

We ‘eliminate’  or cutback processing costs per invoice significantly reducing labor costs.  There has been substantial reduction in paperwork and administrative processes for our clients’operations.  We also place our target error rate at par with industry standards. ‘Simplifying’our clients’ processes involves the use of electronic capture and cloud-based data storage.  We facilitate our clients to ‘standardise’ their policies and procedures by incorporating best practices tailored to each client’s business operations.  We worked on with our business partners and providers to ensure that qualified processes are ‘automated’ coupled with a robust control framework and assist them to monitor trends, variance analysis and exceptions reporting through the use of data analytics.


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