Bookkeeping Outsourcing Case Study: Read about Maxum Foods today!

Read about how D&V Philippines added value to our client Maxum Foods in our case study.

How can a logistics company with a global supply chain achieve greater efficiency? Take the case of Maxum Foods, a leading company supplying dairy and nutrition products to different parts of Australia and New Zealand.

In this case study, we look back at the development of D&V and Maxum Foods’ partnership, including:

  • What challenges Maxum Foods had prior to outsourcing;
  • What Maxum did to find the most suitable accounting outsourcing company for their business needs;
  • How D&V has helped with their day-to-day accounting and sales operations; and
  • How outsourcing their accounting and customer service functions to D&V helped add value to Maxum Foods.

Download our case study to learn how D&V helped enhance Maxum Foods’ management accounting processes.

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