4 Tips to Pass Your Xero Advisor Certification Exam

Posted by Wynona Geralda Del Rosario
Oct 25, 2023
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Becoming a Xero Certified Advisor is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in using the Xero accounting software.  

If you’re looking to enter the world of finance and accounting, this certification can increase your marketability to Xero-based clients. And if you’re already working with clients, it helps you become more efficient in completing your tasks.  

You can also use your knowledge of Xero to offer higher-value services, especially as automation takes over most manual accounting tasks. 

4 Tips for Passing the Xero Advisor Certification Exam  

 Before you can obtain your Xero advisor certification, you need to pass a one-hour exam. To guarantee a positive result, check out these tips.


1. Take the self-paced course 

This certification course covers the key features of Xero in 12 parts. Each part details how you can use each feature — thus, giving you a strong foundational knowledge of how this software works. 

Several online courses are also available on Xero’s website. Feel free to take any of them to increase your proficiency in using the software. 


2. Attend Xero webinars 

 You must also complete Xero’s two-session webinar to earn your advisor certification.  

 Aside from this requirement, you can also attend their monthly webinars, or watch the recordings of previous webinars, to further deepen your understanding of Xero. 


3. Try out the Xero demo company 

 Xero’s demo company is a feature that lets you explore Xero’s functionalities using fictional data.  

 By using this, you can process transactions without affecting your own numbers — or even when you don’t have access to real-time business data yet.  


4. Read blogs and watch videos on Xero 

 Xero also publishes a variety of resources on how you can leverage the software to automate your accounting and bookkeeping.  

 These blogs, podcasts, and videos can be useful in helping you achieve your Xero advisor certified status. 


Earning your way toward a Xero Advisor certification is a deliberate but worthwhile effort. With this certification, you can assure your Xero-based clients that you have sufficient knowledge and expertise to handle their accounts and help them with their finance and accounting needs.  

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to become a Xero Certified Advisor, check out this article. 


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