Why is a Good Relationship with your Outsourced Partner Important?

Posted by Alyanna Tagamolila
Mar 29, 2023
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In this age of information wherein access to different knowledge bases is within instant reach, companies have learned that employee experience is as important as customer/client experience. Nowadays, most business models have geared toward instilling new practices that empower employees to voice out their needs, form relationships with one another and unite towards a common goal. By doing this, companies’ positive work environments have led to increased productivity and even increased revenue.    

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The same concept applies when you partner with outsourcing firms! Your outsourced team acts as an extension of your company, paving the way for proper integration of the outsourced team to your in-house team will ultimately lead to better outcomes throughout the partnership.  

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By building a relationship with your outsourced partner, you optimize your partnership’s effectiveness, making outsourcing a business strategy you can continuously use for your business’ success.  

How to build relations with your outsourcing partner 

Culture sharing 

The culture of your company may be different than the culture of your outsourced team. These differences may range from how you work to how you communicate – things that ultimately affect your workflow.  

To understand the other party better, you can have co-working schedules with your outsourced team wherein you share each other’s culture as you work. This will allow you to find a way to communicate and produce outputs together through shared culture. You’ll see your company reaching your goals quicker once you understand each other’s culture.   

Healthy feedback and recognition 

Create a system wherein you and your outsourced team are always transparent with each other.  Being able to give feedback and recognition to your outsourced team and vice versa fosters camaraderie and respect which is vital to an effective outsourcing strategy, creating a culture wherein both teams (in-house and outsourced) work together as a team towards a common goal.  

Improve together 

As your company and your outsourced team work together, ask both parties for any suggestions they may have to improve the working relationship between the two. Since they are the ones who work with each other on a daily or weekly basis, their input may just be what you need to effectively build a lasting relationship. Whether it’s them wanting to work together onsite or wanting regular meetings together, listen to their suggestion, and, if it is doable, find a way to integrate it into their workflow.  


Building relations outside of the project or task at hand is one of the best ways to cement the integration of your outsourced team to your company. After big deadlines or even after the commencement of a major project, social activities (either online or onsite) could be done to give the teams the chance to get to know each other outside of work. You’ll see that by doing this, they’ll be able to work better together during the next project! 

Although outsourcing services you need is one of the most cost-effective decisions your company may make, it can only fully work for your company if you are able to integrate your outsourced team with yours. By creating a relationship centered in respect and understanding of each team, you’ll be able to see the same benefits that companies who prioritize their employees’ welfare see, happy employees and impressive outcomes.  

Put in the effort to get to know your outsourced team and you’ll find your company working with a partner who you can trust completely and can drive your company forward whatever challenges there may be. When it comes to effective outsourcing, teamwork truly does make the dream work.  

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