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Headaches in Franchise Accounting

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez

Oct 6, 2016 5:08:47 PM

Franchise accounting has its fair share of issues that are unavoidable in your accountant’s daily routine. But knowing the hurdles that they need to overcome as a franchise accountant gives them an advantage, a means to prepare a solution - and you, as their employer, a way to help them improve their work efficiency and time management. 

Your Essential Guide to Financing Your Franchise

Posted by Gillian Vitug

Oct 4, 2016 3:32:22 PM

After technical studies and doing your due diligence, you’ve finally decided on starting a franchise of one of your favorite brands. But of course, just like any other business undertaking, you need to have an established financial game plan before jumping right in as there are a lot of intricacies involved in the franchise business. Here are the things you need to know on how to fund the franchise opportunity of your dreams.

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Fostering Innovation: The VitalSignRx Case Study
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