Mitigating Operational Risks through a Proactive Service Delivery Process

Posted by Narene Nicolas
May 02, 2024
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At D&V Philippines, we continuously strive to provide not just quality services but a pleasant engagement experience for our clients throughout the partnership. To maintain the quality of our services, our leadership team keeps a close eye on our daily operations to mitigate any risks before they happen and to ensure our service delivery remains consistent. 


In risk mitigation efforts, we not only watch out for big risks brought on by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic but day-to-day occurrences as well.   Daily hiccups can be as simple as a software outage which is easily addressed by our IT department but can be as complex as challenges within the partnership between us and our clients. 


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So how do we mitigate any problems in our daily operations? Through proactive measures. 

Building a Proactive Service Delivery Process 


Hands-on Leadership 


The leadership team that directly manages our employees who support our clients closely monitors the day-to-day operations. They make sure that should any directive or communication from the client be unclear for the employees that the leadership is able to handle and discuss it with the team as needed and that the team’s output turnaround time is not affected. 


Constant Communication 


We also prioritize top-down communication at D&V Philippines. Our managers have regular meetings with their teams to address any concerns with their clients. These managers then have meetings with our leadership team to directly discuss reports and updates. Both the managers and leadership also have monthly check-ins with our clients to make sure that their experience still remains satisfactory. 

This culture of constant communication at all levels ensures that no one is blindsided throughout the engagement and that the expectations are properly set and followed by everyone involved.  


Actionable Evaluation and Feedback 


Should isolated cases occur wherein employees are unable to handle the expectations of the clients, our managers and leadership team are quick to take action in not just passing along client feedback but also formulating an improvement plan for employees. This ensures we provide not just quality services for the client but also aid in the employee’s individual professional growth. 


Knowledge and Information Sharing 


Lastly, we believe that the essence of being proactive relies on open knowledge and information sharing. We make sure both our clients and employees are up to date in all the information needed to be able to provide quality services.  

If any changes within the engagement process occur, it is immediately passed down and made transparent to the team handling the client’s needs for them to be able to adjust their expectations accordingly. Likewise, clients are also kept informed not just about the status of the services we provide for them but of all the dealings and changes within D&V Philippines that can affect them as well.  


By building rapport between our clients and their teams within D&V Philippines through constant communication and sharing, our managers and leadership team is able to assess the daily goings of our operations and see if anything needs to be changed, adjusted or addressed – making sure that our clients always get quality services.  


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This article has been written in collaboration with Aly Tagamolila, a content specialist at D&V Philippines. 



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