How to Make Sure Business Intelligence Works for You

Posted by Alyanna Tagamolila
May 16, 2023
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Anyone who has ever handled a business knows that good enough isn’t good enough. With an oversaturated market and a constantly increasing number of competitors, all businesses continuously work on improving their operations to stay ahead. The question is, how do businesses know what to improve when it comes to how their company is run? They do it through Business Intelligence. 


how to make business analytics work for you
Business Intelligence (BI) helps companies analyze all aspects of their business operations through the data that they produce – from being able to spot the marketability of a product/service through the trends in sales performance, work efficiency of the workforce through the volume of work output and more. Business intelligence uses data to tell business owners how their company is doing and how they can do better. It’s the best way to make an informed decision when deciding what’s next for a company. 

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Now, how business intelligence is used as a standard tool for businesses when making important decisions has become the norm. We now have BI programs, software, and other systems in place to analyze huge amounts of data at any given time. But how can you make sure that using these tools will work for your business?  


Making BI work for your business 

Before using BI tools, here are the steps you can take to generate meaningful insights that you can use for making the right decisions: 


Identify what decisions you need to make 

Know what kind of data projections you want BI to produce for you. What questions do you want to answer and what decisions do you have to make? By knowing what you want BI to produce, you’ll know what data you need to collect and make the whole process as efficient as possible.  


Gather the right data 

Now that you know your goal, you need to make sure you are feeding your BI tools the correct data. Data is critical to the success and effectiveness of BI, so ensure your data is always accurate.  


Use the correct BI tool 

Since BI has become a widely used forecast and projection strategy, several BI tools have become available, especially now that we can easily utilize the cloud. Consider the kind of data you store and how you want it analyzed to know which tool would work for your business and the kind of data that your company operations produce.  


Data visualization 

Once you have the results you want from your BI tools, it’s time to package that content for your stakeholders. 

Create data visualizations such as dashboards that would allow you to analyze and present data in a way that is easy to digest and understand. Dashboards should be tailored to specific users' needs and provide relevant, actionable insights. 


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As you use BI to make better decisions for your business, keep in mind that business intelligence works only as a tool and needs proper handling by your team. Make sure you are preparing everything you need prior to using your BI tools and you’ll be able to produce the results you want and ensure the success of your business as you make data-driven decisions for your company’s future.  


Want to make BI work for you?  

If you’re looking for accounting services that use business intelligence technology, contact us today to get a free consultation from our experts. You can also get our free Business Analytics whitepaper for more information on how you can leverage data to drive your business forward.  


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