The Benefits of Cloud Computing: More Efficiency With Big Data

Posted by Cedric Joshua Martinez

Jun 23, 2016 3:40:19 PM

Business analytics is important for you to stay competitive in the modern business landscape. As your company grows, so does the amount of data you handle in order to advance it to the next level. Huge amounts of data can be used to give yourself an advantage over your competitors (among other benefits), but along with it also come more obstacles. Like a man holding too many limes from the grocery store with nary a shopping bag to put them in, you’ll find it nearly impossible to balance all effectively, or to avoid dropping them as you walk out. For big data analytics, the cloud is your paper bag - a container of adequate size that makes sure you don’t drop anything on your way to the car. Below is a list of reasons how the cloud does this for you.




1. You gain almost infinite capacity and capabilities

Imagine the paper bag again, but with limes smaller than a grain of sand. That’s how much data can be stored within the cloud. However, storage is only one of many benefits cloud computing has to offer - a list that continues to grow as big data technology advances. Like the internet, this is one of the business world’s major turning points  in its journey to the future - make sure not to be left behind.

2. You get your information the instant you need it

One of the cloud’s biggest benefits is that it gives you and your business partners instant access to vital data wherever you are. The cloud uses its internal servers to quickly analyse, compute, and move information to and from different locations, much like instantaneously chatting with people miles away through the internet. This leads to faster and smarter predictive analytics, which in turn helps your business reach the top of the competition.

3. You have access to present infrastructure

Technology tends to have an exponential rate of growth when it comes to performance and efficiency; unfortunately, so does its price. With an average desktop or laptop already being expensive, computers with a hundred or even a thousand times more power will cost you ludicrous amounts of money. This does not include the cost of installation, maintaining, and operating such beasts of calculation. Investing in a cloud service removes that burden from your shoulders, because these providers already have the infrastructure and expertise to handle such operations.

4. You have an easier time adding new sources of data

Cloud computing is designed with the client’s ease of use in mind (or else it wouldn’t sell that well.). Much like a car, you simply need to turn the ignition and drive; however, you won’t get anywhere if you circle around the same roads forever. In the ever-changing field of business, new things will inevitably pop up that will affect your business. This is your opportunity to gather information in order to always stay ahead, no matter what circumstances arise. Big data clouds enable you to easily handle and accommodate more information for analysis. For example, if you were to set up a website, you can use these tools to gather additional information  such as click rates, page visits, and even customer information as your potential visitors become leads.

Like what was mentioned above, this list will grow even more as research on big data technology continues to progress. More and more companies adopting big data analytics will also set the stage for more innovations to come.

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