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Customizable Solutions. Guaranteed Backup and Continuity. No Lock-in Period.

D&V Philippines has earned a reputation as a professional finance and accounting (F&A) services firm in the competitive outsourcing landscape in the Philippines. We offer tailor-made solutions for SMEs, CFOs of large corporations, accounting firms, and shared services centers that are designed to fit the current phase of your business.

NICHE – We specialize!

We specialize in the finance and accounting outsourcing for firms in New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm, Canada, and several Asian cities. Our team of specialists will develop custom solutions that address your organization’s needs.

TALENT – Professional Services Firm managed by CPAs

One of our strongest points as a company providing F&A outsourcing services in the Philippines is our staff. The majority of D&V’s accountants are CPAs who are academically and professionally trained to manage your books, interpret your financial data, and improve your overall business finances. All our staff are fluent in English, ensuring superior accuracy in all forms of communication.

DEDICATED TEAM – We offer solutions and guarantee superior output.

We assign a dedicated team for every account that we handle, no matter how big or small the client’s job may be. We have a standard backup process to ensure that someone will be ready to take on your account at any time should your staff be unavailable, thus allowing for business continuity.

Moreover, we have strong quality assurance (QA) policies, which guarantee that your account is in able hands. In addition to our QA procedures, we assign a senior accountant to oversee the project to guarantee the quality of your business financial data.


With a lean staff, we stay agile and flexible and maintain complete transparency in all our transactions. Depending on your current business needs, you can opt for staff leasing or specialised services. With access to the top talents in the Philippines, we can easily scale to adapt to your business requirements.


We have formed excellence teams for cloud-based accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB who train all our accountants and keep them abreast with the latest technologies and developments in the industry.

We are also well-versed in using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Pronto, Sage, Datev, and Netsuite. Most importantly, we adapt to the F&A tools that your teams are currently using instead of having it the other way around.

AUTOMATION – We automate!

When you partner with us, you will have the benefit of working with accountants who have been working with automated F&A processes for more than five years. Therefore, they are capable of providing you with an integrated view of your financial data, which can help you in developing strategic management decisions.