"...D&V led us to achieve real-time books, numbers, accounting. We are now able to see the business in real-time, and make real time analysis over our finances...We never have to worry about D&V taking too long or timelines blown out. Everything has happened when they said it will be done. This is a rare gift!"

James Aldridge



Standard Ledger

It was important for me to understand that D&V had other skills than just cheap bookkeeping. The fact that you do business analysis is important to me...We’re now at a stage where we knew that we would be,and now, we’re working towards expanding how we work with D&V.

Remco Marcelis
Managing Partner





We needed to automate and become more efficient in our back office business processes. There was real scope to make improvements in these areas and D&V has been a great partner in outsourcing a number of our business processes.

We initially commenced outsourcing our invoicing, accounts payable, payroll, and full end of month reporting of our management accounts. This first phase has been successfully implemented and we are now looking for other opportunities to outsource other business processes.

I can highly recommend D&V if you are looking for a quality, service-focused BPO firm and they have become a valued partner of Tridant.

Richard Little



Read about our successful partnership with Tridant and how we provided reliable accounting and business analytics support.

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D&V provides both accounting and customer service and logistics support to our business.

Outsourcing these labour intensive services to D&V has allowed our business to scale and grow rapidly in a very cost effective way and has allowed our staff in Australia to concentrate on providing a higher level of customer service to our clients which is our competitive edge.

Our role is to make the life of our partners as EASY as possible and having D&V provide support services has given us the opportunity to really concentrate our efforts on making this a reality.

Charles Cormack




Easdowns Business Specialists has been able to partner with D&V Philippines to add a Virtual CFO package to our service offering, as well as expanding our compliance team to include our D&V team. We have a wonderful team who are now an integral part of our offering to our clients, we have developed a really strong working relationship with Stefan and his team, and find our cultural values are very similar which for us is the foundation for an outstanding business relationship.

Nicholas Molloy
Partner and Lead Financial Adviser

I've been working with D&V for the past 2 years. I find them to be proactive, efficient, transparent and economical. Management is extremely approachable and available. They have extended themselves to generously help me in the past while I was setting up my Philippines entity and I'm really grateful for that. Im my eyes D&V are the best offshore accounting company in the Philippines.

Ben Carter
Managing Director

We commenced using D&V from Dec 2015 with a half FTE doing AP and cash application for our Solar Hot Water business. This proved very successful and we added another FTE to assist with our EOM processes and monthly reporting around July 2016. Our current team of Anna and Mhadya ably led by Lisette have very capably performed all tasks requested of them and we are very pleased with the services we have received from Stefan and his team since inception. We look forward to continuing this relationship into the future and hopefully expanding into bigger and better things.

Peter Drennan
Finance Manager
Marketing Results

D&V delivers a valuable service to Marketing Results, offering the coverage of a full-time bookkeeper for a very reasonable cost.  In addition to day-to-day bookkeeping, they also provide us with timely management reports that help us manage the business more effectively.

Will Swayne
Managing Director
Fiskerstrand Hegland

D&V helps me with the accounting for my UK company. I'm very happy with the help they offer and how they make sure every thing is on track. I would highly recommend their services.

R&G Technologies

We have had the pleasure of engaging D&V for over 2 years with 2 full-time accounting staff who are 100% dedicated, reliable and maintain a standard of excellence in all areas. We rely on them for all day to day accounting functions, preparation of compliance and business reporting and much more. We hope to continue our partnership with D & V into the future.

Sue-Anne Coelli
Finance Manager

We use D&V for all of our book-keeping and compliance work. We have a team of 5 who do all of our invoicing, accounts payable, payroll and reconciliations. I am exceptionally happy with the service that we have been receiving. Without this team, I would not have access to the financial reporting I need for my role in a timely fashion.

Jackie Tiernan

Like any business on a strong growth path – we transitioned from “local” accountant to “big” accountant, to “internal” accountant.  Recently we decided to Offshore our Accountancy to the Philippines, in particular to D&V. Crazy – the best results we have ever had for a fraction of previous costs.   In this age of instant online communication, distance is irrelevant – it’s the quality and peace of mind around the results that counts.

Mike O'Hagan