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Stefan Vermeulen

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan is a member of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Registered Accountants (NIVRA) and holds a master’s degree in Information Management.

He has served as the CFO of ICTS International NV, a NASDAQ-listed aviation security provider for four years. He has also held various senior financial positions at blue chip companies.


OLT__Narene Nicolas

Narene Nicolas

Senior Director

OLT__Joy Quiño

Mary Joy Quiño

Senior Director

OLT__Marly Malis

Marly Llerin-Malis

Senior Director

OLT__Jose Calsas Jr

Jose Calsas, Jr.

Senior Director

OLT__Vheldan Maranan

Vheldan Maranan

Senior Director

OLT__Lisette Espina

Lisette Espina


OLT__Raquelle Saddi

Racquel Saddi


OLT__Roper Decipulo

Roper Decipulo


OLT__Ed Macaraeg

Edmundo Macaraeg

General Manager - Business Management Services


OLT_Jerry Ambrosio

Jerry Ambrosio

Senior Director – Finance

OLT__Jennifer Santos

Jennifer Santos

Senior Director – Marketing

OLT__Marie Raymundo

Marie Raymundo

Associate Director – Marketing

OLT__Valerie Capili

Valerie Joy Capili

Senior Director – Human Resources

Management Board


Geoff Daly

Member, Management Advisory Board


Geoff Hester

Member, Management Advisory Board

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