What are the Signs that Small Businesses Need to Invest in Business Intelligence?

Posted by Ma. Jessica Paula Florita
Jul 20, 2022
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Business intelligence (BI) is becoming an invaluable asset to small businesses in transforming their data into insights, which then provide them with a comprehensive preview of the enterprise and its various areas. 

If you’re not yet incorporating BI into your operations, it’s time to reassess and clarify what business intelligence is used for. Here are four signs that your small business needs to jump into BI solutions.



1. Big data sets turn out daunting 

For SMEs, having a sheer volume of data in bank can be intimidating to work with, especially if you don’t have the right tools and process in place. But with BI, you can fully embrace the advantages that come with harnessing the power of big data such as leveraging all data relevant to the company. 

2. Finding data analysis tedious  

A small business’ scarcity in resources in one reason why data analysis and interpretation can feel laborious. This issue stresses another importance of business intelligence — it helps SMEs turn raw data into useful information faster and more straightforward, helping you allocate your time and resources into more important matters. 

3. You lack resources  

Once the data has been properly assessed, insights usher in to provide studies on what happened and give recommendations to improve the existing process.  

These insights dictate how you can tailor-fit the company solutions for your market, polish internal collaborations and promptly leverage any opportunity that comes. 

4. Sales targets are not being met 

Is your sales target always a miss? Your targets and goals define how successful the business is, but if it’s not being met, what approach do you take? 

BI solutions produce pertinent data about your sales targets, which then translates to better strategies that cater to the needs of your consumers. It also helps business owners to set realistic and fact-based goals for the enterprise. 


For small businesses wanting to expand their operations, it’s high time to start investing in business intelligence. Making sense of your data and fostering sustainable growth follow after you integrate the right BI tools and strategy, without having to implement complex processes.  

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