Different Types of Outsourcing Models - Relationship-based

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
Nov 11, 2020
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It is a common knowledge that outsourcing involves getting an outside help to focus more on your core business operations. However, once you understand the different  types of outsourcing models, you can better hire the outsourced service that best fits your requirements.


Relationship-based Outsourcing

This outsourcing model focuses on both ownership and responsibility of the client and their third-party provider and how they handle both principles in the duration of the partnership.

  • Staff Augmentation Model

Staff augmentation somewhat mirrors onsite outsourcing. This model includes leasing the outsourced team to join your in-house employees in managing internal programs. The client, therefore, takes over and has full control of the entire outsourcing projects from start to finish.

  • Managed Team Model 

In this model, both the host company and the outsourcing service provider agree to share responsibilities and designate which task belongs to whom. The client also has a control over the team to ensure they get their desired outcomes. 

  • Project-based Model

Project- based outsourcing is leaving all the work in the hands of your outsourcing partner. After having the brief and project requirements, the third-party then owns the project for the duration of the contract.


Getting a comprehensive look at the different types of outsourcing models can greatly boost your engagement’s performance and dictate how the relationship will grow over time. Make sure to carefully study which best compliments your processes to get the best results as possible.

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