Post-COVID 19 Insights: The New Normal Expenses for your Business

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
Jun 03, 2020
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While world economies are slowly easing up after the disruption caused by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the new normal brings a few adjustments to our regular business expenses.


The New Normal Business Expenses_Infog


Deliveries and Logistics

The sudden shift to remote work left most companies unprepared during the pandemic, thus attracting a large influx of purchases and deliveries worldwide. Logistics services are expected to increase as businesses gradually resume while continuing the work-from-home setup.


Internet and Connection Expenses

Through the internet, businesses managed to operate seamlessly and connect with their employees through video calls and instant messaging. Consider putting internet expenses to your post-pandemic budget to build stable connections for your remote team.


Work Devices and Peripherals Purchase

Specific devices are needed to build you an appropriate workspace at home. If you cannot pull out some devices, purchasing the hardware or replacing them with mobile version can help your employees adjust accordingly.


Healthcare and Wellness Benefits

The threat of COVID-19 is ever increasing, that’s why aside from health insurance, you can help your employees, especially those reporting on-site, boost their immunity through wellness benefits.


Sanitation and Precautionary Measures

Before resuming your on-site operations, you must take additional measures to protect your employees from contracting the virus. Some precautions include office disinfection, purchase of sanitary equipment (thermometers, face masks, disinfectants) or in some cases, rapid COVID-19 testing.


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