Key Tools of Modern Business Intelligence

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
Mar 24, 2021
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Today’s users of business intelligence (BI) tools evolved to have extensive and dynamic preferences. Independently navigating the BI software skyrockets the top element users look for today. 

As further developments occur, the important capabilities of BI remain. Check out the key tools your BI should have:


1. Dashboards

Your dashboard is your control center. Nowadays, you can get the results of your data collection efforts as soon as they are generated, providing you with up-to-date information and allows you to act promptly in case opportunities or problems arise.

2. Self- service

Today’s trend has shifted to a more user-friendly approach, as modern business intelligence tools feature a simple display that anyone can use. This makes it easier for anyone to analyze data, get a fresh perspective on the current business situation or make calculated decisions about the business, even without an IT background.

3. Data discovery

Simply put, this is a functionality that detects patterns and irregularities within the data. Much like dashboards, these solutions enable you to come up with graphical representations of your data in order to make the process of analysis and interpreting the information much easier.

4. Advanced analytics

This is a relatively new feature that everyone should be looking for in their modern BI tools. As the name suggests, this grants users the ability to analyze data and develop predictive solutions via more sophisticated data analysis methods. The resulting findings and solutions are extremely useful in planning effective strategies for your company.

With these capabilities, you’re sure to have the best business intelligence tools integrated into your operations. Get a competitive edge by using advanced BI tools to seize opportunities as they come and safeguard your business from potential hurdles.

If you need help finding the perfect business intelligence solution for your company, read our whitepaper, The Role of Business Analytics for Better Business Outcomes. Alternatively, you can talk to us! D&V Philippines’ team is offering scalable business intelligence solutions to help your business grow smarter.

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