How Do Business Intelligence Tools Create a Better Customer Experience?

Posted by Ma. Jessica Paula Florita
Sep 28, 2022
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An underpinned concept in customer experience is a business’ power to understand the consumersincluding their behavior, their needs and their buying habits. And one way to boost your customer satisfaction funnel is by maximizing the features of business intelligence (BI) tools. 

Through BI, you unlock capacities that bring you closer to your market and exceed their expectations, unlike your competitors. How so? Here are ways you can leverage the benefits of business intelligence tools in creating loyal customers. 



1. Incorporating different data sets 

One important use of business intelligence tools is its data integration feature. Through this, there will be a seamless incorporation of data from different sources that creates a full-suite dashboard of everything they need to know.  

Customer-facing employees are then spared of the waiting time and subsequently able to address customer concerns immediately. 

2. Promoting self-service portals 

To further get customers in availing your products or services, you can employ self-service portals. When businesses empower their market by letting them be interactive with the purchase process, consumers become more engaged with the brand. BI tools use this to personalize the overall experience of customers, that in turn, translates to retention and loyalty. 

3. Gauging employee performance 

Another important point on why SMEs use business intelligence tools is because of its balanced scorecard mechanism: a strategic technique that aligns employee performance to the company objectives and goals. Some BI tools offer this feature to help managers track performance indicators through data visualizations. This also makes it easy to pinpoint what needs to be improved for better service delivery. 


Business intelligence tools and your expertise in harnessing this technology are the ultimate medium SMEs can capitalize on to establish a unique customer experience for each individual that visits your online or physical store. When you understand your market, you serve them better and they remain a loyal customer and a vocal marketer of your products. 

Want to get started with BI? We’re here to give you a hand. You can download our whitepaper The Rising Frontier: Harnessing The Power Of Business Analytics to know more about business intelligence and data analytics solutions for businesses and how they can cultivate smarter decisions for key players in the company. We can also schedule a free consultation at your most convenient time. 


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