Handling Digital Transformation Process for the Long Haul

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
Oct 07, 2020
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The presence of technology in our everyday activities is proof that even professions and businesses are already under the digital transformation process. 

Now that we are on the downward slope of the pandemic, Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and Chief Information Officers (CIO) are working together in creating a business model that will best work while most of the workforce is still working from home. How are they handling the digital transformation process today?



Accountability and Leadership

Leadership is an important element in keeping your team tied together, especially during the most precarious times. Now that remote work is a prevalent solution, having a sense of accountability and leadership  is important to make the long-haul shift to the digital platform.

Customer-Centric Approach

Technology led to a paradigm shift towards a customer-centric digital transformation. These tailor-fit solutions bridge the gap between the product and the customers, creating a long-term relationship that results in patronage and loyalty.

Embracing Changes

Digitalization of business processes is a survival tactic for most firms, especially during the toughest situations. Adopting this strategy, along with upskilling your employees can help you keep up with the neck-breaking speed of technological advancements today.


The road towards the digital transformation process  is going to be a long one, but as you move forward, you will start to reap the benefits of this digital shift.

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