Hacks in Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees

Posted by Ma. Jessica Paula Florita
Aug 27, 2021
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Aside from the financial constraints, employers are also facing hurdles in attracting and retaining the best employees now that economies are gradually reopening. Recruitment competition intensifies as organizations opened their operations this 2021. 

Here’s are 3 strategies to attract and retain employees in the post-pandemic period:




1. Fostering continuous learning and development

Now more than ever, employees look for companies that value their growth as a professional.

The crisis created new opportunities for employees, and with this comes a need to upskill their capabilities to better suit the evolved role. It would also be good for them to have an understanding of how they’d fit in the bigger picture of the company’s post-pandemic recovery plan.

Your people’s development will significantly work in your favour, as they can now assist you in more in-depth management of the finance and accounting department. Their expertise, augmented with the right technology, brings better insights to the table.

2. Restructured KPIs for productivity

Key performance indicators (KPI) are aligned with the implemented changes such as the work-from-home scheme. Traditional metrics are pushed to be modified to gauge employee productivity in a more holistic sense.

Together with these restructured KPIs, putting in the trust and confidence that your people can be productive even outside the walls of the office is vital as well. In fact, the output value is even higher during remote work in the absence of commuting time, work interactions, and reduced time for personal affairs.

3. Flexible options

Employees are ready to negotiate their employment terms, and you can expect it to be quite more demanding than the pre-pandemic days.

Given that they experienced the flexibility in working since the pandemic began, professionals are looking for a company that plans on practising this approach for good.

The flexibility in hours and location is among the factors influencing recruitment and retention nowadays. But that doesn’t mean poorer company culture for your employees. There still exists a need in building a strong team in the workplace even as we work from home. Thanks to technology, you can still foster engagement between your teams through virtual catch-ups and online events.


CFOs continue to battle the issues in attracting new talents and retaining the best employees. As they continue to revamp their staffing approach, they also make sure that employees’ morale is kept high so they still deliver the best service for the organisation. 

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