Fathom: One-stop Shop for Analytics and Reporting

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
May 24, 2023
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For users looking for a full-suite business intelligence platform, Fathom offers a promising solution in transforming raw data to in-depth insights for accountants and CFOs.  

Launched in 2012 and recently acquired by The Access Group, Fathom continues its core mission to deliver management reporting and financial analysis services suitable for every business and business owner.

Take a look at its key features:


Data sourcing 

  • Can integrate with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero and MYOB. 


  • Fathom performs different analyses: KPI, Profitability, Analysis, Divisional, Growth, Trend and  Goalseek. 
  • The software also measures non-financial elements that make an impact to the business 
  • Custom KPIs can be defined by users with their own formula using the KPI builder. 
  • Benchmarking function is available to identify low and high performers. 



  • A content library is available with ready-to-use templates and reports 
  • Reports can be customized and shared with anyone over email. Access to reports is also manageable. 
  • Users can schedule the creation and delivery of the reports. 
  • Exporting data into other formats is allowed. 
  • Adding comments on reports are also possible  
  • Access your reports in one place, anytime, anywhere . 


  • Fathom executes various types of forecasting: Three-way, Scenario based, Driver-based, Rolling, Long-term, Microforecasts and many others. 
  • Measure the impact of your business plans on your liquidity through business roadmap 
  • All figures are auditable data, so you see where your numbers came from. 
  • You can integrate your projections in Fathom reports 
  • For corporations with multiple companies, Fathom can help do consolidated forecasts. 



  • Users can create and aggregate financial statements for up to 300 entities. 
  • Fathom consolidates results from different platforms and convert multiple currencies into single currency. 
  • Get a better view of your financials by comparing the actual consolidated vs the consolidated budget 
  • For companies with multiple subsidiaries, Fathom can collate results from your different divisions and include it in your custom reports. 



  • Fathom has various platforms for users to reach out to regarding issues or concerns such as email, phone and chat support, FAQs, and Knowledge Base. 
  • For new Fathom users, training is also available through webinars, videos and certifications.


Fathom caters to businesses of different size, and makes it easy for them to do their financial analysis and management reporting. With its strong service lineup, the software is rising to be a strong ally for advisory roles in an organization. 

If you want to explore the power of Fathom and how it can be leveraged for your decision-making, you can download our whitepaper The Rising Frontier: Harnessing The Power Of Business Analytics or you may schedule a free consultation with us to know more.

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