Cultivating A Support System in Your Organization

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
Aug 19, 2020
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As global markets gradually open up, small businesses and corporations alike are trying to resume on-site operations, while some are continuing remote working schemes.  Nevertheless, a management’s support to employees is crucial in achieving optimal performance of the team during the new normal phase.


Be a Source of Motivation

The post pandemic working environment comes with a lot of pressure, especially now that everyone is working twice as hard.  

When things are getting too immense, stand up and be a beacon of motivation for your team, spread positivity and lift them up to make a better workspace for everyone.


Make Feedback Encouraging

Feedback is a pivotal part of working. Without it, there will be no room for improvements. 

Share your evaluations of your subordinates in a more thoughtful and organized way. Providing employee support services assists employees in resolving personal problems which may adversely impact job performance, and well-being.


Promote Work-Life Balance

One way to provide support to your employees is by promoting work-life balance.

Encourage them to take vacations, engage in recreational activities or upskill themselves to develop their career paths.


Put yourself in their Shoes

Never forget to reach out to your team, especially to the ones making slow progress. Acknowledge their efforts, and lend them some time to navigate the situation. 

Eventually, they will make progress with their situation so never give up in being a leader to your team.


Management support to employees is a foundational block in creating a more conducive and healthier workplace for your people. The professional facet of your relationship is as important as your employees’ personal growth. When you connect with them from both ends, you sow goodwill and productivity in your environment.

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