5 Best Cybersecurity Practices to Secure your Privacy and Data

Posted by Jan Victor Valencia
Jun 10, 2020
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Most businesses are considering continuing the remote work scheme even after the economies slowly ease from the temporary lockdown. While you continue to work-from-home, protecting your devices from viruses and attacks is a must.

Here are 5 best cybersecurity tips to keep your team from a data breach:


Keep your device updated

Before you start working from home, make sure you have security software and anti-virus program to keep your desktop or laptop protected from any cyberattacks.  These programs will also be helpful in alerting you when any problem arises.

Create secure passwords

Your accounts are vulnerable when not secured with a strong password. In making passwords, make sure you create it with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Beware of suspicious emails

Hackers penetrate systems through malicious emails. Should you find a message in your email that looks suspicious, inspect the sender’s address, and be wary of clicking links that it contains.

Never leave device unlocked

Whenever you take breaks, always remember to lock your device to avoid other people from altering your homepage or accessing your confidential files.

Always backup your data

Once your device is invaded by any virus, your files carry the risk of being corrupted. Another important note in increasing your security is keeping a backup of your files via the cloud. Through this technology, your data is secured and accessible even when you’re on the go. 


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