5 Ways CFOs Play a Role in Strategic Decisions

Posted by Wynona Geralda Del Rosario
Sep 27, 2023
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Are you well aware that CFOs strategic decision can influence and improve business outcomes? 

With their expertise in financial management, CFOs can provide valuable insights and support better decision-making which helps organizations navigate critical choices for driving growth and success. 

However, their role goes beyond financial management to shaping the company's overall strategy. In this infographic, we outline the five (5) roles of CFOs in influencing strategic decisions. 




1. The Power of Providing Accurate Financial Insights

Their financial insights and expertise are essential for making informed decisions, managing financial risk and driving long-term growth. 


2. CFOs Maximize Value through Accurate Risk Assessment and Management

CFOs play an important role in maximizing value through accurate risk assessment and management. By providing valuable guidance, CFOs can help your company identify potential losses and explore money-saving opportunities that contribute to the company's success. 


3. Aligning Budgetary Requirements with Strategic Goals

CFOs can create budgetary requirements that align with your company’s strategic goals. They can develop budgets and financial projections to meet your operational needs and long-term goals. This may involve reallocating resources or investing in new technologies for improved efficiency.


4. Create Effective Financial Modeling for Data-Driven Decision Making

CFOs utilize their expertise in financial engineering practices to identify areas with a greater return on investment or cost-saving potential. This allows your business to make data-driven decisions and avoid making costly mistakes. 


5. Improve Decision Making with Scenario Planning

CFOs can provide valuable insights into the potential outcomes of different decisions by using scenario planning. For example, if your organization is considering a merger or acquisition, CFOs can analyze the financial impact of this decision. From there, they can provide valuable guidance on whether or not it is a practical option.  


To sum up, CFOs play an important role in shaping and influencing the strategic direction of an organization. That’s why recognizing CFOs value is the key to ensuring long term success for your organization. 


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