5 Tips to Make Your Accounting Department More Efficient

Posted by Wynona Geralda Del Rosario
Nov 29, 2023
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Refine your existing accounting workflows with these five (5) tips for accounting process improvement. 



1. Use technology to automate manual tasks.

Manual tasks are one of the main causes of inefficiency. By automating those time-consuming tasks using modern accounting and data analytics tools, you can regain your time and refocus your energy on other higher-value activities. 


2. Train your team 

Sure, you have the most powerful accounting technology out there. But when your team doesn’t know how to utilize its features, they may only go back to their old ways of manually completing tasks. 

To ensure they’re on the same page with your accounting process improvement initiatives, you must encourage them to attend relevant training and knowledge-sharing sessions. 


3. Get feedback from your team  

Set aside time to ask your team about the processes/tools that work and don’t work for them. Doing so can give you deeper insights on how you can further improve your accounting operations. 


4. Standardize your accounting processes 

A standardized process comes in handy each time a new talent joins your team. Aside from helping them adapt more quickly to your team and methods of working, a standardized process can also streamline your onboarding process. 


5. Outsource non-core accounting tasks  

If your in-house team is currently at full capacity to handle the methods we’ve mentioned above, outsourcing can be an ideal option.  

Delegating your non-core tasks to a specialized accounting outsourcing company is the fastest way to increase your department’s capacity cost-effectively. 


Expand your accounting department’s capacity through outsourcing. Contact us today at marketing@dvphilippines.com or download our Business Analytics whitepaper to know more about our solutions. 

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