5 QuickBooks Accounting Tools to Manage your Numbers

Posted by Ma. Jessica Paula Florita
May 05, 2021
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Business financial management was taken up a notch when cloud accounting was introduced, and among the big names in the industry, QuickBooks offers a variety of accounting tools that are widely used among businesses. 

Let’s take a look at Quickbooks cloud accounting software and its tax and accounting tools you can use to manage your numbers.

Infog_W_C_5 Quickbooks Accounting Tools to Manage your Numbers

What are the accountant tools in QuickBooks online?

1. Paycheck Calculator

If you want a fast way to pay your employees, this tool is for you. The Paycheck calculator calculates the payroll based on pay type, pay rate, bonus, commission, overtime, federal/state taxes for both your hourly and salary employees. All you need to do is to input their information and then leave the rest to the calculator.

You can also make sure that the calculations are accurate because QuickBooks uses the most up-to-date tax table.

2. Sales Tax Calculator

Easily add sales tax in your individual invoices or on your invoice templates through this tool. With the Sales Tax calculator, calculations are automatically made, tracked and split out among your tax agencies.

3. Invoice Generator with free templates

This smart tool allows you to create and customize your own invoice online by uploading your own logo into the invoice, and send it as many times.

Alternatively, you can also download the free printable QuickBooks invoice templates in Word, Excel, PDF, and other formats.

4. Employee Cost Calculator

Know how much your people are valued beyond their wages through the employee cost calculator. This tool shows how much they cost after taxes, benefits, & other variables are factored in.

5. Equity and Investment Calculator

Have you figured how much investment capital you should accept? Or how much equity should you give up?

In partnership with FlashFunders, Quickbooks launched the equity and investment calculator to help you land a decision. All you need to do is enter your current valuation and the amount of the new investment, and let the calculator do the job.

If you’re looking for the best cloud accounting for small business, you may want to consider using QuickBooks. Aside from its suite of accounting tools, its flexibility, convenience and intuitive interface can lend a helping hand to business owners like you in staying on top of your books. 


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