5 Common Causes of Inefficiency in Accounting

Posted by Ma. Jessica Paula Florita
Nov 15, 2023
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Inefficient accounting processes can lead to delayed projects.  

But what makes your accounting department inefficient? 

The following factors may be the reason behind your slow-moving processes: 


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1. Manual tasks

Manual data entry, bank reconciliation, and invoice processing may be important for completing other higher-value accounting tasks, but they also consume a lot of time. 

Instead of spending days doing repetitive activities, it'll be more beneficial to automate manual work so you can refocus your mental energy on your more urgent duties. 

2. Outdated tools and processes

The tools and processes you’ve used in the past may not be effective anymore. Faster and more powerful technologies are being released each year, so make sure to update your software regularly. 

3. Lack of feedback

A lack of feedback can also be the cause of your team’s slow performance. Without it, they may feel clueless about what they need to do and if they’re doing their tasks correctly.  

To increase your team’s efficiency, take the time to acknowledge their satisfactory performance or give them constructive feedback for improvement. 

4. Unclear designation of duties

Reaching out to the wrong person for help or approval can only lead to redundancies and workflow gaps.  

Your team members must know who handles certain duties within your organization. This way, they can escalate their concerns to the right person and get the answers they need faster. 

5. Organizational silos

Siloed systems, processes and teams can prevent your accounting team from obtaining a unified view of the company and its financial goals. As a result, it limits your ability to deliver quick and informed decisions. 


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