5 Reasons Why Young Professionals Want Work-Life Balance

Posted by Mary Joy Quiño
Apr 18, 2024
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In recent years, the conversation around work-life balance has taken center stage, especially among young professionals commonly identified as Millennials (born 1981-1996) and Generation Zs (born 1997-2012).  

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This shift in priorities may appear unconventional to some, but it's becoming increasingly clear why the newer workforce is championing a different outlook towards their professional and personal lives. 


According to a survey by Deloitte, a staggering 49% of Gen Z's and 62% of millennials say work is central to their identity but work life balance is something they are striving for and a top consideration for an increased job satisfaction. 


This statistic is a clear indicator of how the younger generations value work-life balance. But what drives this significant change? Let’s explore some of the reasons behind this trend. 


Why Young Professionals Preferred Work-Life Balance

Here are five reasons why young professionals prefer work-life balance: 


1.  Better Mental and Physical Health

Let's face it, being glued to your desk day in and day out and a lack of personal time isn’t great for your health.  


Hence, today's generation, especially young professionals, are more health-conscious than ever. They are more aware of the importance of physical and mental health and are willing to go the extra mile to taking care of themselves and reducing stress as much as possible. 


This is why young professionals are also more likely to be interested in a job that allows them to have a better work-life balance. 


2. Increased Productivity

According to the insights from the 2022 Future Forum Pulse report, there is a significant correlation between flexible work arrangements and employee performance metrics. A work environment that embraces flexibility is not just a desirable perk—it's a powerful catalyst for professional satisfaction.  


Such arrangements have been shown to spark a remarkable 29% surge in productivity, coupled with an impressive 53% improvement in focus and concentration among employees. 


The connection between an employee’s work-life balance and professional progress doesn’t just help them grow as an individual, it also helps the company stay competitive. 


To make the most of this, as leaders we need to: 


  • Set Clear Expectations: Let your team know exactly what you need from them. 
  • Provide Feedback: Keep your team updated on how they're doing and how they can improve. 


By taking these steps, as leaders we can create a work environment where everyone knows what to aim for and how to get better, which is good for the entire company. 


3. Supports Personal and Professional Growth

As you implement and actively promote a healthy work-life balance within your organization, you can encourage your professionals to remain with the company and give them a clear message that you value their professional well-being and respect their life outside of work.


And as someone who has been a part of D&V Philippines for over a decade, I can affirm that a company's commitment to employee welfare significantly contributes to fostering company loyalty.  


This is particularly true when the organization actively supports both personal and professional growth. This strategic focus on employee well-being not only decreases turnover rates but also lowers the expenses linked to recruiting and training new hires.  


Consequently, your organization can make substantial savings in both time and money, reinforcing a cycle of growth and loyalty that benefits everyone involved. 


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4. Changing Perceptions of Success

The idea of what makes someone successful is changing. It's not just about making money anymore. Young professionals want something more from their careers. 


A study by WeSpire, a platform dedicated to helping companies enhance employee experiences for better social, environmental, and business outcomes, declares Gen Zs as the first generation to place higher importance on finding purpose in their work rather than focusing solely on the size of their paychecks. 


This shift underlines a deeper change in attitudes. The new generation places equal—if not greater—value on experiences, relationships, and personal fulfillment. They believe that true success is being able to spend time on the things that matter most to them. Additionally, they place a high importance on companies that value work-life balance. 


5. More Time for Skills Development

An often overlooked, yet critical component of good work life balance is the opportunity for self-improvement and skill enhancement. 


Young professionals today are keen learners, they value environments that allow them to grow not just vertically within their roles but also horizontally, acquiring new skills and hobbies.  


Thankfully, at D&V Philippines one of our priorities is the continuous growth of our team so they can be more versatile and dynamic, especially when giving F&A (finance and accounting) solutions to our valued clients. 


To sum it up, younger professionals know that life isn't all about work. Yes, work is important; but health, relationships, and happiness matter too.  



Work with a Well-Rounded Team 

As a business process outsourcing company with F&A specialization, we do our best to not only assist our global clients in managing their financial and accounting operations efficiently, but also in nurturing a fun, healthy, and safe work environment. 


You may contact us today to discover the various ways we support our employees, so they can provide exceptional services to you. You may also download our primer Employees to Partners to know how we invest in our people’s development.  

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