Things CFOs Must Prepare for this 2024 

Posted by Jose Calsas Jr.
Jan 05, 2024
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As 2024 began, as CFOs have, we already asked ourselves: is my organization fully prepared to tackle and face this challenging year? If you're not sure what to answer, this article might help you get an idea of the things you need to prepare for your organization. 

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In my latest blog post, I will outline what CFOs must prepare in this brand-new year to be more ready and competent. 


Changes in the Role of CFOs this 2024 

In comparing the roles of CFOs in 2024 to the previous year, 2023, there aren't expected to be any major changes. However, the utilization of digital tools has become more prominent. We now have access to automated gateways, accounting software add-ons, reporting tools for key performance indicators (KPIs), financial analysis, and month-end reports. These tools provide us with diverse capabilities and cost efficiencies. Additionally, there are machine learning tools available to aid CFOs in research and decision-making processes. 


The Transformative Importance of Technology and Digital Tools in 2024 

As mentioned above, the use of new technology and digital tools is so vital and much needed in our profession and for our organization. As the market today is flooded with so many digital tools, you as chief executive must be able to better equip your finance team. Not only can it improve your reporting capabilities but also enhances your decision-making processes, enabling your team to operate at their highest potential. 


Top Areas CFOs Must Prioritize in 2024 

To better prepare in 2024, here are four areas that CFOs must prioritize this year:

1. Foreign Exchange

For industries like ours, where revenue comes from abroad, monitoring and leveraging foreign exchange rates becomes highly important and calls for urgent attention. As chief executive, you must be able to stay updated on exchange rates, since it will allow you to make informed decisions that maximize financial gains for your organization. 


2. Cost reduction

Inflationary pressures are being felt across major economies worldwide, such as the cost of supplies and services. So as a financial chief, it is your duty and responsibility to find efficient and effective ways to manage costs and mitigate the impact of inflation on your bottom-line. In return, this can ensure the financial stability of your organization.  


3. Revenue Generation

To solidify market share, your organization must expand into new markets, so as a CFO, you should better identify these key growth areas and strategies accordingly. Doing this will greatly benefit your organization as it can drive business growth. 


4. Implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices 

Lastly, the integration of ESG practices is essential for any organization as it serves as a powerful strategy to attract and build trust with prospects and investors. 


By considering environmental factors, such as reducing carbon footprint and practicing sustainable sourcing, you as a chief finance can effectively demonstrate your organization's dedication to sustainability. This not only resonates with environmentally conscious stakeholders but also helps foster trust among your investors. 


Similarly, by placing emphasis on social aspects such as ensuring fair labor practices and promoting diversity, you can create a positive work environment that attracts top talent. 


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How to Successfully Navigate 2024? 

As a CFO myself, I highly recommend staying updated not only on local matters but also abroad. You should also constantly keep in mind that it is so important to understand what is happening within your industry such as global trends, market forces, and technological advancements. This level of understanding will allow you to make better- decisions that are well-aligned with your organization. 



As your organization prepares for 2024, it is important to keep in mind that the role of a CFO has not really changed—but the tools used by us have. With digitalization and automation rampant throughout our industry, it's important to stay up to date with these new technologies. 

Remember, the great Benjamin Franklin one said “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is definitely true. Preparation is the key to ensuring that your organization is well-equipped to conquer the challenges that lie ahead in 2024. Make sure to take the necessary steps to prepare your team and lead your organization toward success. 

Moreover, it is also important to recognize as a CFO, you are a key partner of the CEO. The CEO makes company decisions based heavily on the reports and information provided by the finance team, which is led by you, the CFO. 


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