The Importance of Good Facilities Management for your Company Culture

Posted by Narene Nicolas
May 29, 2024
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At D&V Philippines, we understand that our people are our greatest assets – the quality of our services and our service delivery process is only as good as our talents and the resources made available to them. 


Knowing this, we have committed ourselves to a continuous learning approach, ensuring that we are proactive when it comes to training, mentorship and bridging any knowledge gaps. Aside from the technical proficiencies however, we know that another way to make sure we take care of our employees and show how much we value the company is by ensuring that our company’s facilities are well-maintained and managed – what we call facilities management or workplace management. 


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What is Facilities Management? 


Before we discuss the importance of facilities management, we first need to understand what it is. Facilities management is more than just ensuring the upkeep of your office and workplace. Rather, it is how well you coordinate all your office-based activities. Initiatives such as the one with D&V Philippines where we provide free meals after logging in to our office management system, office-wide announcements and office resource management and allocation – all these all under your facilities. 
Now that we know what it is, we can now move forward to why effective facilities management is important. 


Benefits of Effective Facilities Management 


Structured Activities 

Aside from making sure that your employees and your management stay on top of your deliverables, it is also important to provide activities that encourage a work-life balance within your company. A study by the University of Oxford says that not only does promoting work-life balance benefit your employees’ health and wellbeing but also makes them more productive – more able to contribute to your company’s aligned goals.  


With this, structured company-sanctioned activities such as wellness activities or quarterly breathers can do wonders for your workplace as it shows your employees that you not only encourage work-life balance but actively practice it. Proper facilities management ensures that your office is well-prepared for these kinds of activities, able to handle the logistics and resource allocation needed to make it happen.  

Boost Morale 

Proper day-to-day facilities management also makes sure that your office spaces are well-kept, showing your employees that you value them being there as you provide a work set up that is not just functional but comfortable as well. This effectively boosts your employees’ morale as it creates a conducive work environment. 
Alongside this, it also encourages accountability within your employees. As they see you implement proper facilities management, they will also be encouraged to clean as they go and ensure that the workstation and the resources, they use are kept clean and treated with care.  

Shows Organization and Professionalism 

As your company expands your product or service offerings, your clients and stakeholders will also increase. In building your partnership with clients and stakeholders, credibility is of utmost importance – and proper facilities management helps with that. 
By having an office that they can visit that is well-kept, organized and ready to receive company at any given time, you are showing that you are professional and value their interest in your company. At D&V Philippines, we make sure that not only are our facilities prepared but that a member of each team and department is ready to greet our clients and stakeholders and show them how our office is run.  

Efficient Bookkeeping and Documentation 

Finally, proper facilities management means that the paper trail of keeping your office workspace in order is well-kept. 

By setting up processes in place for all employees to adhere to such as CLAYGO (clean as you go) or managing the logistics needed to cater to the free meals of employees working in the office on a day-by-day basis, you are able to track the expenses and resources used daily for easier bookkeeping and documentation. 


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Remember, improving your company’s processes is not just about your operations team or your client-facing efforts, sometimes it is best to start at home. By working on managing your office – or your second home, you are showing your employees that you not only value the company but them as well.  


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This article has been written in collaboration with Aly Tagamolila, a content specialist at D&V Philippines. 




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