Building a Greener Future: The Role of Accounting Professionals

Posted by Mary Joy Quiño
Jun 24, 2024
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As environmental concerns continue to grow, the role of accountants in promoting sustainability and corporate social responsibility becomes increasingly important. 

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As the Vice President for Global Operations of D&V Philippines, I've been lucky enough to see the powerful role accountants play in creating a more sustainable future.  


Here, in this article I'll share my thoughts on how sustainability and accounting go hand-in-hand. 


My Perspective on Sustainability 

My journey in this field has profoundly shaped how I viewed sustainability. Initially, my understanding was limited to environmental protection.  


But with time, I've come to see it as a holistic concept that also covers safeguarding our society and economy.  


This expanded understanding transformed my approach and infused a passion for integrating green measures into our practices. 


Sustainability in the Context of Accounting 

For me, sustainability in the context of accounting isn't just about adhering to environmental standards in reports. It's about weaving sustainable practices into the fabric of our daily work, and it also involves a commitment to ensure that all business processes—be it operations, investments, or compliance—are performed with an eye on sustainable practices. 


At D&V Philippines, we embody this through our ESSAP mantra, which stands for Eliminating, Simplifying, Standardizing, and Automating Philippines. 


This philosophy not only enhances our processes but also minimizes errors and wasteful practices, allowing everyone to strive for excellence. 


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Leading by Example 

As a leader, I aim to embody sustainability and motivate my team to do the same. I believe in the power of small steps, encouraging my team that no action towards sustainability is too insignificant. It's all about taking responsibility and contributing to a larger cause. 


For anyone keen on diving deeper into sustainable accounting, start with the basics set by entities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The next step is to widen your horizons by exploring additional resources and thought leaders in the niche. 


Challenges When Promoting Sustainability 

The path to promoting sustainability isn't without its obstacles. A significant challenge on a personal level is making sure that the people around you care and understand more about sustainability.   


Additionally, for some large corporations, they sometimes overlook sustainability as they believe that sustainability efforts can hinder profitability. 


However, as accountants, we have the power to help in creating a greener future. Through what means? By being aware of the evolving trends in sustainability reporting and by being mindful and conscious of our environmental impact, we can spearhead change. 


Essential Skills for Sustainable Efforts 

Accountants looking to contribute to sustainability initiatives should hone skills like self-motivation, teamwork, and adaptability. Being proactive, willing to collaborate, and quick to adapt to new regulations and technologies are essential in driving the sustainable agendas forward. 


 The Bottom Line 


For those accountants wanting to make an impact and make a difference, remember that starting small is okay. Each step toward sustainability matters, so start with small, manageable projects that aim for sustainable impact. As you gain more confidence and support, scale up your efforts. 


Looking Ahead 

At D&V Philippines, we are gearing up to kickstart new sustainability projects, focusing on summarizing and measuring our current initiatives to manage and improve (CSR and environment-friendly technologies, etc.). Additionally, we are making sure our new and upcoming projects foster long-term partnerships that echo our sustainability commitments. 


Are you driven by a passion for sustainability and looking for an employer whose values align with your own? Join us at D&V Philippines, as we are committed to this cause. We know that together, with your passion and dedication, we can make an even bigger impact. 


You may visit our recruitment page to discover the various positions currently available within our organization. You can also download our whitepaper Employees to Partners: How D&V Philippines Invests in its People to learn about our employee-centric approach and how we can assist you in achieving your career goals.    

 New Call-to-actionThis article has been written in collaboration with Angelica Garcia, a content specialist at D&V Philippines. 


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