How to be a Responsible Work-from-Home Employee During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted by Mariecris Raymundo
Mar 23, 2020
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A huge part of all the employees in the Philippines is already working from home, following the instructions of the Philippine‘s Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

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At D&V Philippines, employee’s safety and health are put first. This is also one way to help the government stop spreading the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). During this time of crisis, employees are advised to stay and work from home. 

How can you be a responsible work-from-home employee during the COVID-19 outbreak? Here are some tips on how to be productive as you work from home:

1. Have a mini office or work station area.

Look for the most comfortable spot in your house where you can put your computer or laptop. Make sure that there is enough light, ventilation, and good internet signal.

2. Set a regular work schedule.

Have a regular shift agreed between your client or manager. By doing so, misunderstanding will be reduced during working remotely. Have an online timesheet to log your time-in and time-out that your manager can use for tracking.

3. Be at your most productive and commit doing more.

We, employees, are expected to do more than our usual office days. Make your to-do list ahead of time.

4. Stay connected.

Use online tools and applications that can help you connect with your clients, managers, and co-workers. Keeping an open communication will help you work easily. Most importantly, have a secured internet connection.

5. Use your break time intelligently.

Take a break from your desk. Since you cannot go for a walk outside, spend time with your family who are also in the house since we are all in the enhanced community quarantine. Take meals together. You can also take exercise at home together.

Remember, your employer is entrusting you with the business’ operations even when you’re not in the office. They ensure your safety, thus do your part and do your best. We are all on this together.

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