Perspective of a CTO: Benefits of Technological Growth for a Company

Posted by Narene Nicolas
Jul 04, 2024
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As the recent COVID-19 Pandemic has shown, a company’s adaptability to technological innovation can easily make or break your company’s operations and success. This is why at D&V Philippines we are advancing our technology efforts to steer the company into complete digital transformation.  




From being able to arrange flexible working arrangements for our employees to being able to assure both our employees and our clients of the protection of their data – the ability to prioritize technological growth for the company has become a strategic advantage in the field of finance and accounting, an advantage we aim to keep.  


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Contributes to Company Scalability 

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that advocating for continuous technological growth has done for D&V Philippines has been positioning the company to easily scale up as needed. With up-to-date implementation of cloud storage, cloud accounting and other online workflow management systems, we can implement a hybrid work arrangement that allows us to significantly increase our operations and talent base without the costs associated with an expansion of physical facilities.  

Our IT (Information Technology) department makes sure that company assets and devices are compliant with our security policies and are assigned to every employee wherever they may be. Workflows are also in place so that every employee can only access company and client databases and information using company-provided devices allowing our IT department to still be able to assure our clients of the security of their information regardless of our employee’s location and working arrangement.  


Increased Productivity  


We understand that as companies gear towards growth, they must also prepare for the increased administrative workload that comes with this expansion. With this, our IT department makes sure to stay on top of the latest technological trends and tools and use them to increase the productivity and efficiency of both our administrative and operational processes. 
For example, with the boom of artificial intelligence (AI), our IT department has utilized AI and integrated it into our internal website. AskDV – a chatbot currently in development, aims to provide employees easy access to our internal website and resources among other functions to cut down time and resources spent on administrative requests and approvals.  


Increased Data Security  


One thing D&V Philippines has always been able to assure given that we are in the field of finance and accounting is the security of our clients’ data and information. Unfortunately, the continuous innovation of technology has also paved the way for data and security threats to adapt and become more advanced. Luckily, our IT department takes great care to protect the company from these advanced threats. 
Being one of the early adapters of cloud technology where we have successfully migrated our information and operations to the cloud, we are given an added layer of security afforded to us by cloud technology. Alongside this, our IT department also has security measures in place that can detect any potential risks and eliminate it before it even poses a problem  


Combining Proactive and Reactive Efforts 


Now, despite the company’s primarily proactive approach, we understand that the best way to provide security during this time of innovation is to combine proactive and reactive measures when it comes to handling different risks and threats. 
With this, our IT department have set processes in place to protect our data and information from threats while also setting guidelines for early detection and mitigation of any risks found by employees. Our IT team regularly conducts cybersecurity and awareness training to all employees to provide them with the knowledge and skills to identify potential cyber threats, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to an attack.  


Building a culture of shared accountability has allowed the company to stay ahead of all threats.   




Understanding how fast-paced technological innovation has been in recent times, D&V Philippines has adopted an adaptable approach – studying all new technological trends and seeing which ones can benefit the company should it be applied.  
We also make sure that we take into account every client’s preferences – catering to their preferred technological tools whether it be for project management, communication and/or operational systems and making it secure and in line with our data protection initiatives.  



Throughout all this, D&V Philippines remains open to future technological advancements and assure both our employees and our clients that aside from prioritizing data security, we make sure all our technological initiatives have quality assurance at its core. 
If you are a company who are looking to get ahead in the market but is reluctant to invest in technological innovation due to resources needed to adapt, rest assured that in the long run, building a company that is technologically driven is cost-effective, secure and maximized when it comes to resources. What’s important is you take that first step towards digital transformation, and you’ll find your company reaping the benefit tomorrow! 


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 This article has been written in collaboration with Aly Tagamolila, a content specialist at D&V Philippines. 




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