A Quick Guide on Battling Stress During Your Accounting Career

Posted by Mariecris Raymundo
Nov 19, 2018
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How do you achieve work-life balance in your accounting career?

How to Battle Stress in Your Accounting Career

Being a CPA is a great job, but can also be stressful and tough from time to time. Many people find this career rewarding, but the rewards really come with hard work. This is common during the month-end closing.

What are the worries of the CPAs? It varies, from heavy workloads, overtime, deadlines, up to the demands and unrealistic expectations from their superiors. Stress comes in no age. There will always be a time that we, yes we, get burn out.

Gathering tips from experts, here are some tips on how we can win over our battle with stress:

1. Look after your time

Have an organized schedule of all your tasks. Make more time on your key assignments and prioritize. Set realistic goals for yourself.

2. Maintain a positive attitude

Find out what your boss expects from you and raise concerns, if there’s any, with your managers – workloads, flexibility, etc. Communication is the key.

Engage everyone3. Engage everyone

If you are feeling stressed, take a time to pause. Walk away from your desk, talk to a friend or grab a snack (comfort food). Do not forget to exercise daily (e.g., yoga, walking, running).

4. Maintain work-life balance

Do not work too much. As much as possible, do not render overtime to work; your family is waiting for you at home. Join social activities, staff celebrations, or office decorations at work.

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