Important Uses of Your Cashflow Statements

Posted by Gillian Vitug

Jan 20, 2016 12:54:00 PM


A recent article published by Small Business Trends shows that the business exit rates in the US are declining. According to the report, the latest data collected by the Census Bureau in 2013 suggests that the SME exit rates in the country are down at 9%, clearly depicting a significant improvement on the performance of contemporary SMEs in America. While there are many reasons that may contribute to this positive turnout, the most plausible explanation is that business owners have become more conscious of their business finances than they were in the past.

Seeing how a significant improvement in business finances affect overall business performance, it becomes necessary to take up serious efforts to help your cashflow get better. A foolproof way to get this done is by focusing on your cashflow report. Savvy entrepreneurs and financial advisers use the cashflow statement to ensure that businesses are going the right direction. here are some more ways by which you can put your cashflow statement to better use:


1. Financial Operations’ Management

The consistency of internal financial policies are important for every business as it reflects transparency and accountability. The good news, achieving this becomes a breeze through your business cashflow. These financial documents further help your SME to evaluate and improve financial policies, paving way for smoother financial operations within your organization.


2. Financial Assessment

You should always be aware of how well your business is faring as this will help you strategize for better business. Through cashflow statements, you will have a yardstick for comparing your business financial progress from the past to the present. You can use this to clearly map out business financial plans in the future.


3. Business Financial Position

Knowing your current business financial position is always ideal as it gives you the upperhand in convincing investors about the profitability of your SME. By having an up-to-date funds flow statement at hand, you can have better negotiations with your prospects, thus leading to better business and higher revenues in the long run.


4. Business Decisions

Strategic business decisions are necessary for the success of every SME. Through cashflow statements, you can make decisions that are based actual calculations instead of those that lack a concrete basis.

Cashflow statements gear your business to the right direction. Make sure you always have these financial documents ready.


For more help in getting your financial documents in order, you can get in touch with our financial advisers at D&V.

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