Aside from the traditional business qualities you have, learning how to upskill these existing qualities is essential to make sure your operations recover and thrive in any given situation. 

This kind of evolution introduces fluidity in your company hence allowing you to get more creative and adaptive to any problems that may arise. 

Take note of the following skills a business owner should have nowadays:


1. Futures literacy

Understanding how future events can influence every facet of the business and how it will affect your current operations is a must-have in an SME owner’s toolkit.

Backed by insights, future literacy helps you make smarter decisions and provide necessary preparedness measures for what’s coming.

2. Strategically tenacious

The pandemic emphasized resilience as a critical principle in a business owner’s skills and qualities as this allows for better performance in the face of uncertainties and volatility.

If you master managing stressful environments, getting ahead of the competition will come as a breeze since you have a good grasp of how you can adapt to any sort of disruption.

3. Commercial acumen

A good business acumen reverberates in the entirety of an organization. This competency, when honed right, will teach you how to drive efficiency to your departments and lead the business to a path of sustainable success.

4. Technologically savvy

Before rolling out digital initiatives onto the team, ensure you know how to make the most out of the technology the business will use. Take the lead in the digital transformation and encourage your people to learn its ins and outs for a more seamless process.

The business landscape is ever-changing, and so should the skills of a small business owner. With the right prowess and tools at your disposal, you are now ready to lead the business to continued growth.

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