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As accounting firms and leaders today rely on the digital platform for more efficient operations, threats towards mobile security rose as well: posing an imminent danger of data breach among finance leaders and companies.


What are the top mobile security threats?

1. Data Leakage

Data leakage tops the serious threats to companies handling sensitive information of clients. At any cost, important data should be bounded by strict security such as one-time passwords (OTP) and authentication codes generated by third-party applications.

2. Unsecured Connections and Network Spoofing

Primary rule of data security is connecting to trusted networks. Since mobile devices are used to perform tasks conveniently, data hackers are active in placing fake access points to attack the victim’s device. 

To avoid network spoofing, having Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications are advisable in workplace environments, alongside knowledge of identifying secure network connections.

3. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks in mobiles and desktops in 2017 affected banks, multinational corporations, universities, and even government devices, infecting more than 200,000 units which resulted in US$4 billion in damages alone.

As part of mobile security threats and prevention, make sure to install applications from credible sources and to stay vigilant in clicking links from emails.

4. Complex Phishing Attacks

Cyber criminals today came up with new ways to get victims to share sensitive information or click links that may help them access the device being used. They write emails in constructive manners that make the victim think that the email came from the firm or one of its clients. 

One of the best steps that you can take is to make sure that your employees get a routine training on data management and security. You can also have them up to date with the latest smartphone security threats to prevent them from falling victim to the latest cybercrime tactics.

Mobile security threats can be avoided when thorough protection of devices and networks are in place. But at the end of the day, finance and accounting firms geared with the best security system can give you the guarantee of safe data management.