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Financial Planning

D&V’s financial planning involves forecasting future financial outcomes as well as mapping out the most strategic ways to budget the company’s financial resources.

We work with your team to determine the resources and timeframe by which we can meet your targets. We calculate and summarize the costs of these resources to create a budget that is most appropriate and beneficial for your business.


Financial Analysis

We help you make sense of your financial statements to determine the financial position of your enterprise. We also use accurate and relevant collated data to evaluate your business performance. We help decision-makers to make better choices in terms of strategizing and profitability.

Through our financial planning and analysis, business owners, CFOs, and accounting firms gain better access to:

  • Product cost calculations
  • Benchmarking of various subsidiaries/ departments/ countries
  • Cost price calculations
  • Profitability analysis and unbilled revenue analysis
  • Review of credits/ rebills
  • Review of sales contracts for impact on accounting policies

Paraplanning Services

Every account that you handle is unique; that's why we put a premium on our paraplanners’ development so they can be resourceful and flexible.

Our paraplanners are problem solvers who are well-versed in relevant financial and Australian regulations. We provide:

  • Preparation of Statement of Advice (SoA) and Record of Advice (RoA)
  • Insurance research
  • Preparation of Fee Disclosure Statement and Renewals
  • Process implementation procedures (buy/ sell managed funds, prepare necessary forms such as rollover forms and trade forms
  • Preparation of accurate, appropriate, compliant advice documents (e.g., initial proposal SOAs, LRBA SoA and Margin loan SoA, SMSF strategy SOAs, Risk SOAs)
  • Process interim review and review letters for clients
  • Others like CGT reports, investment strategies for new SMSFs, update of insurance renewals
  • Prepare annual/interim review portfolio updates
  • Maintain current understanding of legislation, products and Firm’s Policy
  • Prepare Modelling and Projections for SMSFs


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