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D&V’s seasoned finance professionals help your business maximize its financial resources to achieve its short-term and long-term goals through expert financial planning and analysis.


Financial Planning at D&V

D&V’s financial planning involves forecasting future financial outcomes as well as mapping out the most strategic ways to budget the company’s financial resources.


We work towards the vision and objectives of your business, identifying the resources needed and the timeframe to meet these aspects. We calculate and summarize the costs of these resources to create a budget that is most appropriate and beneficial for your business.


Financial Analysis at D&V

At D&V, we effectively utilize financial statements to determine the financial position of your enterprise. We also use your accurate and relevant collated data to evaluate business performance. Through our adept financial analysis, we empower business decision makers to make better choices in terms of strategizing and profitability.


Through our financial planning and analysis, business owners, CFOs, and accounting firms gain better access to:

  • Product cost calculations
  • Benchmarking of various subsidiaries / departments / countries etc.
  • Cost price calculations
  • Profitability analysis
  • Review of credits / rebills
  • Review sales contracts for impact on accounting policies
  • Unbilled revenue analysis
  • Wiser decisions about expansions and investments


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